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Myth: “The Canucks need secondary scoring”

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43 minutes ago, Hero11 said:

I understand what you are saying, and I somewhat agree but he has had his chances with Pettersson and Boeser to drive the play for him. 

He doesn't produce or play a in a way that warrants the money he makes in my opinion. That money could potentially be put towards a player who can.

His McDavid pace speed was sold to us when we got him and we've yet to see it.


We have seen it. Last year. Again, coming off major knee surgery usually takes the better part of a year to get your speed back. Selling him now would be shortsighted IMO. And he's not paid to be a play driver. He's basically making upper mid 6 money. That's not remotely out of line with even this coming back from injury/complementary player to a slumping line mate "down" season.

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I loved mik-pettey-kuz last year but its just not the same. Mik has lost a step.I love the peaky bluegers too but they aren't scoring as much (but i'd keep them together).


The key is pettey. If he can get back to last season then we're fine but too many games he isn't and that means kuz doesn't score and so tocchet starts getting mad at kuz. 


If i'm alvin i look for a bargain player who is inconsistent. Sillinger is one i'd really look at. We tried this with krav last year but we're a different team. Sillinger is not the future in cbj, fantalli and johnny g, so i think we could get him for some picks. He or a similar player can play c on the second line which could help pettey of switch. 


Be great to get a vet dman like tanev but unless we move kuz i can't see it happening. I'd move mik first but i don't think he'd be a big asset unless we threw in a major prospect like silovs which i don't really want to.



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We don't really need more traditional "secondary scoring". Generally, that involves your 3rd and 4th lines which, frankly, have contributed to enough degree to help propel this team to the top of the standings. We have the best goal differential, and highest goals scored for. No, secondary scoring is not our issue.


What IS our issue though is that our 2nd line isn't performing like a 2nd line. We are winning in SPITE of that. I'm sure management's desire is to fix that so we can roll all 4 lines and expect the potential of a goal in any given situation. Spreads the opposition's D thinner too.


To me, the Canucks need to decide on Kuzmenko. If they don't feel he be coached to form, he's gotta go. That line appears fairly dead until it receives an injection, and swapping out Kuz to a guy who can consistently perform would help a lot. But if we keep the lotto line together, we also have a need for a solid 2C. Between those two changes, assuming the right guys are acquired, it should help quite a bit. Of course, we'd still have Mik on that line who hasn't exactly been lighting it up himself, but with better linemates he would be given a golden opportunity to get back to being the player we've seen from him in the past. 

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