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Canucks power play

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I didn't watch the last game so I'm not sure if it's trending in the right direction with the 2 pp goals. 


Before last game Canucksarmy did an analysis that I thought had some good points. Basically we don't have the right guy who plays the bumper spot after losing Horvat. The bumper guy needs to know to when to sneak in and move back to make the defenders cheat. Horvat was very good at that and hence scored a bunch of goals with us at that spot. Suter obviously is not the answer. I didn't watch the last game so I wasn't sure how the pp was set up when Joshua scored that beauty, but I suggest we try Joshua on the bumper spot. He's hard to move and has some skills that might create some plays. 


Then there's the one timer. Teams already know how to guard against Petey's one timer so he hasn't been a threat as long as he has two guys go to him. They really haven't been made to use the 5th guy who's supposed to be open with the man advantage.


Being static while trying to find the perfect shot compounds the issue. You're not going to get open looks if you don't make the goalie move side to side. When Hughes walk the line the other 4 guys are supposed to move to make the pk unit move with them, but our guys just sort of cruise around and don't move as an unit. 


A lot of talk on paper right now. I just feel our pp 1 should have enough skills to have an effective pp. It has been frustrating. 



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