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[Speculation] Where will Patrick Kane end up?

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Just now, King Heffy said:

Offseason and Toronto got way worse while Buffalo got better.  Their core is also mentally weak and got humiliated in the playoffs yet again, and they still haven't brought in a real coach.

Until both teams prove otherwise it’s 115 to 87.  Sabres are crap. Especially their core. They are the Soilers of the Hall era. Overhyped losers. 

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6 hours ago, King Heffy said:

Offseason and Toronto got way worse while Buffalo got better.  Their core is also mentally weak and got humiliated in the playoffs yet again, and they still haven't brought in a real coach.

Wouldn't say adding Domi and Bertuzzi made them worse ... agree their D still has issues.  Problem with their core in the playoffs, is none of them seem to heat up at the same time.    They seem to have to go through a contender every first round too.     Regular season darlings though.   


Buffalo is setting themselves up (as is OTT) to start challenging for a top three spot and or a wild card spot the next couple years - by then Boston is likely out, TB might be selling old assets etc, but as of right now aren't there yet.   They should be soon though, and when they do - they will be like CAR was when they finally sorted their stuff out after missing 9 in a row.   Think this is 11 now for Buffalo, a league record. 

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On 9/22/2023 at 11:47 AM, Don Brodka Jr said:

The guy can't play anymore! My 83 year old grandmother has better hips & can move faster than Patrick Kane. If they're going to sign him they might as well offer Grams a deal too! 


Kane can probably score infinite more goals than you on the ice and crush you on phyiscal tests. So I don't know what that says about you; or may be it's your grandmother. 


Joking aside, people with 2 cents always say Skinner is done, or Tarasenko is done. But yet years later here they are still scoring 30 goals on the ice. So I am not sure why say anything about something you know nothing about, lol. 

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Patrick Kane Won’t Talk To Teams Until Late October


TSN Insider Darren Dreger is reporting that unrestricted free agent forward Patrick Kaneisn’t likely to start talking with teams until the end of October. Kane’s agent, Pat Brisson has been receiving a lot of calls on the three-time Stanley Cup Champion, but they won’t have meetings with teams until more medical information is available in mid-late October.


Kane has been rehabbing from hip resurfacing surgery that he had on June 1st and his initial timetable was 4-6 months to recover from the procedure. If Kane does return at the end of October, he will fall right into the window of the initial projection.


Kane’s contract situation is sure to be a tricky one as fellow TSN Insider Chris Johnston points out. Most teams that would be of interest to Kane are pressed right up against the salary cap ceiling and wouldn’t have very many avenues available to fit in Kane’s next contract. The 34-year-old is ineligible for a 35+ contract as he is five months short of hitting that mark, and a signing bonus would create other problems for an interested team.


Little is known about who a frontrunner for Kane’s services would be. The Buffalo Sabres have been thrown around in rumor mills as they have over $8MM in cap space and are Kane’s hometown team, but nothing concrete has emerged from the speculation.


It seems unlikely that Kane will be able to get much more than a one-year deal since he is signing in season. However, teams have found ways to get creative in the past with the salary cap so it shouldn’t be ruled out.


Kane was still a very productive player last season posting 21 goals and 36 assists in 73 games. However, it is unknown how he will play after surgery. Players who have had this surgery in the past have not typically had very successful returns. Ed Jovanovski had it a decade ago and was only able to play 37 games after the surgery before he was forced to retire.


Nicklas Backstrom is also currently going through the same process as Kane and returned last season to dress in 39 games posting seven goals and 14 assists. While those numbers are far off his career norms, Backstrom is in his mid-30s and missed training camp. Something Kane will also have to contend with.



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  • RWJC changed the title to [Speculation] Where will Patrick Kane end up?




Free agent forward Patrick Kane is progressing during his recovery from off-season hip surgery. The latest round of speculation links him to Detroit, Toronto and more.


Patrick Kane's representatives recently released a video showing their client performing skating drills as he continues to rehab from his off-season hip resurfacing procedure. That will further stoke speculation over where the 34-year-old free agent will go when he's ready to return to action.


Detroit Hockey Now's Kevin Allen cited hockey analyst Pierre McGuire suggesting the Detroit Red Wings as a destination. Talking with Montreal's TSN 690 last Thursday, McGuire thinks Kane could make “a massive difference” this season in Detroit, pointing out they also acquired his former teammate Alex DeBrincat.


This isn't the first time someone has linked Kane to the Red Wings. John Dietz of the Chicago Daily Herald last month cited a source close to the winger claiming he wanted to be reunited with DeBrincat.


With PuckPedia showing more than $5 million in cap space, the Wings have the room to add Kane if he's willing to accept a big pay cut from the $10.5-million average annual value of his previous contract. However, Sam Stockton doesn't see Kane as a fit in Detroit, citing concerns over his health and production.


McGuire also suggested Kane could be a fit with the Toronto Maple Leafs and his hometown club, the Buffalo Sabres. Other pundits have also linked him to those clubs. However, the Leafs lack the cap space to take him on.


Meanwhile, the Sabres aren't considered a Stanley Cup contender, a criteria that his agent suggested could determine which club he eventually joins.


Boston Hockey Now's Jimmy Murphywondered if the Boston Bruins could be an option. However, McGuire doesn't think they're a fit as they're in the middle of a mini-rebuild.



OCT 3, 2023



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With Patrick Kane yet to find a home for the 2023-24 season, Daily Faceoff president and insider Frank Seravalli provided an update on potential landing spots for the future Hall of Famer. 


Tyler Yaremchuk: Let’s get into some insider info. Frank, it’s Patrick Kane talk. He’s the title of the show for a reason, as we’ve had a couple of weeks to get into the season here, and as we keep rolling along, all eyes are on the Kane situation. There will be no shortage of interest for him, but do we have an idea yet of what his list might look like?


Frank Seravalli: It’s still kind of open speculation to this point as to where Patrick Kane might be thinking. You can imagine all the contenders in the league lining up to get Kane; the videos look unreal on his progress from his really significant hip resurfacing surgery. It seems to be amazing; he seems to be healthy and skating as well as he has, really, in the last few years. Certainly dangerous for everyone around the league. 


Frank Seravalli: I’m going to give you three teams to keep an eye on, definitely not a surprise: the Buffalo Sabres. A hometown team makes a lot of sense, a team certainly on the upswing. Could you imagine Kane as one of those guys who could end this crazy long Sabres drought? I think the Sabres are in the mix, you mentioned the 0-2 start, so we will see where it goes from here. 


Frank Seravalli: The New York Rangers are also a team that are paying attention to Kane, and for good reason. You saw what they had to give up last year to get him; they knew at the time he wasn’t fully healthy. It didn’t quite come together like it probably should have, but I think they were really impressed with the way he entered and was a leader. They were just kind of hoping, wishing and praying he’d be at the Kane 88 showtime level we are used to. I think in the back of his mind, he’s also certainly intrigued on what it would be like to go back there. Maybe sort of finally put that piece back together. 


Frank Seravalli: I’ll toss you a third team. This is by no means an exhaustive list; these are not the only teams on Kane’s radar. I’ll give you another thought that those close to him have noticed he’s been keeping an eye on. That’s the Detroit Red Wings. Certainly, a surprise to me when I first heard it, but I have to tell you that the idea of getting Kane and Alex DeBrincat relinked has stood out to many. But the Red Wings are another team; let’s see how this season develops before we make any judgments.

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Snapshots: Kane, Zub, Werenski


October 20th, 2023 at 9:50am CST • By Gabriel Foley


In the most recent 32 Thoughts podcast episode, Elliotte Friedman added credence to the idea that star free agent Patrick Kane could sign with the Dallas Stars. Friedman says that a very reliable source shared the likelihood of Kane landing in Dallas, adding that the stylistic fit could be good for the aging veteran.


The Stars rapidly rise up the power rankings of teams likely to land Kane, leapfrogging the New York Rangers, Florida Panthers, and Buffalo Sabres. Dallas has flexed a very deep forward group this season, providing nearly identical ice time to each of their top three lines. The only weak spot is likely 34-year-old winger Evgenii Dadonov, who’s spent the year alongside Wyatt Johnston and Jamie Benn. This could be the role that Kane takes over if he joins the Stars; bringing a little more mobility and finesse to the line.


link to rest of article:



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On 10/18/2023 at 3:27 PM, BlockerHigh said:

Ya…no dude



Is that supposed to impress people?  Looks like a triple A guy doing his video for next level.   Puny arms and legs and where's the speed?  

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Patrick Kane Talking With Four Eastern Conference Teams


November 9th, 2023 at 7:20pm CST • By Josh Cybulski


Chris Johnston reported on TSN Insider Tradingtoday that unrestricted free agent forward Patrick Kane and his agent Pat Brisson have formally opened discussions with teams about the 34-year-old’s next contract. It is believed that Kane is talking to at least four Eastern Conference teams and possibly even a fifth.


Kane opted to have offseason hip surgery after dealing with a nagging injury for most of last season. He had the procedure on June 1st and was expected to have a 4–6-month recovery period. He appears to be on track to return to the NHL within that timeline. The injury likely hindered the three-time Stanley Cup Champion’s play last season as Kane had a down year offensively registering just 21 goals and 36 assists in 73 games split between the Chicago Blackhawks and New York Rangers.


Johnston believes that the clubs Kane is talking to are the Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, and the Detroit Red Wings. Each of those teams makes sense given Kane’s circumstances. Kane played with the Rangers last year and has a certain level of familiarity with the group. He is from Buffalo and the Sabres are a team that is on the rise and could certainly use another scoring forward.


Florida went to the Stanley Cup finals last year and often seems to be a popular destination for free agents. And finally, the Red Wings acquired one of Kane’s favorite players to play with, Alex DeBrincat.

Kane’s signing could certainly shift the balance in a very strong Eastern Conference if he can return to being even a fraction of the player he once was. He is just two years removed from a 92-point season and was a point-a-game player in 12 of 13 seasons before last year.


The biggest concern with Kane is that the hip resurfacing surgery he had is a tough one to recover from. Niklas Backstrom has struggled to return from the procedure after having it last year, and Ryan Kesler was never able to return after having it in 2019. Mike Sillinger and Ed Jovanovski are two other players who had the same surgery, and neither was able to return for a significant period, although Jovanovski was able to play 37 games during the 2013-14 season. The surgery is typically for people in their 50’s and is not commonly done for people under the age of 40. It is not without success in athletes though as tennis star Andy Murray has had the procedure and had a successful return to the court.



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Florida Panthers In Aggressive Pursuit Of Patrick Kane


November 13th, 2023 at 8:17pm CST • By Brennan McClain


A little over half a week ago, it was reported that on his way back from hip surgery, Patrick Kanehad been linked to four teams within the Eastern Conference; the Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, and New York Rangers. Most likely looking for his best chance to compete for another Stanley Cup towards the end of his career, the Panthers and Rangers seem to be the best potential fits for Kane moving forward.


In his podcast, 32 Thoughts, Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet said, “We’re starting to get close to the Patrick Kane decision, I think this week he’s going to start talking to some teams. Bill Zito, the GM of Florida, has been one of the most aggressive GMs when it comes to Kane” (X Link).


It’s relatively unsurprising to see that the Panthers are becoming more aggressive in their pursuit of Kane, as although the defending Eastern Conference Champions are off to a solid 9-4-1 start, they still sit 19th in the league in GF/G. So far this year, their defense (notably missing both Brandon Montour and Aaron Ekblad), as well as their goaltending have been the driving factor in their entry out of the gates this season.


However, Florida will have a difficult time fitting Kane into the mix, as when Montour and Ekblad eventually come back into the fold, the team will have less than $100K available to them in cap space. If Kane is willing to sign a league minimum contract for one season, the Panthers should be able to fit Kane in, but they will have to make some moves to make that happen.


Overall, even if the Panthers are the most aggressive in bringing Kane into their lineup, that does not necessarily mean he will end up in Florida. Being a hometown native of Buffalo, as well as a former Ranger, Kane should have a certain comfortability in returning home to New York state if he so chooses. Also, as has been typical over the last several seasons during his tenure as General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings, Steve Yzerman has notably kept his cards very close to the chest.




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Not sure what he's going to even bring to a team, no training camp, not played proper hockey in ages, he was starting to slow down last year. He's probably good for a 2nd line winger on a good team, 1st liner on a bad team. Certainly wouldn't want him on the Canucks, he doesn't really play Tocchet hockey.

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