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Been thinking about the playoffs and that the team needs to regain our momentum. One of the key factors in my opinion will be consistency in our lines. Coaching has been a huge upside for the team this year, but lately the line blender has left us struggling to find chemistry and produce consistently.


Assuming a full lineup, what do you think we should set them at for the best playoff foot forward?

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i'm a gamer.

i want to try : 

Podkolzin Miller Boeser

Hoglander Petey Garland

Mikheyev Lindholm Joshua

Suter Blueger Lafferty

Hughes Hronek

Zadorov Soucy

Juulsen Myers



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I play in two of our forums Fantasy Hockey leagues, so I love the line blender concept: for fun, assuming all are healthy and we don't call up anyone like a Raty or what not. 


THis is what I would like to see on our Forward Lines:


Joshua Miller Boeser

Hoggz, Petey, Podz

Suter, Lindholm, Garland

Mikheyev, Blueger, Lafferty


PP 1
Hughes, Miller, Petey, Boeser, Hogger



Hronek, Garland, Suter, Joshua, Podz


key PP change: 2nd unit starts with about a 40 second shift, THEN the 1st unit for a minute or more and if we haven't scored yet, 2nd unit back out so first unit guys can catch a breather before regular shifts begin again. No more of this 100 seconds of the first unit passing it around the outside. Shots Shots Shots Shots. 


Anyhow, what do i know. Think you know better than me? You probably do, but why not consider taking up a Vacant Fantasy Hockey Keeper League team, several leagues have at least one opening. Ask me to refer you to a commissioner!

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My ideal lines heading into the playoffs would be:



    -Podz brings the energy and forechecking that elite offensive talents Miller and Boeser need



    -chemistry has been building between these 3. They seem to compliment each other well, especially off the rush



    -Elite shutdown line with 3 players that have 20+goal potential. Good size and speed



    -3 defensively responsible players capable of chipping in timely goals. This could be a 3rd line/shutdown unit on a lot of teams


For the PP, while I would like to see Boeser reach 40, I'd replace him with Dak for that net front presence


Miller  Joshua  Pettersson 

   Hronek     Hughes


Hronek's one-timer reminds me of Weber. Obviously, it's not quite as hard, but he's not afraid to shoot regardless of the defenders being in front of him and he does a great job of getting the puck through to the net. Put him out there and with elite passing from Hughes and Petey with Dak in front of the goalie.

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I actually liked todays lines, but I'd like to see.







Hughes Hronek

Zadorov Soucy

Cole Myers



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Joshua Miller Garland 


was that a line tonight ?

I think that’s who was on for the winner but I only saw last 5 min of game 


I would try this line 

then go Hogz Petey Brock 


eP 40 had a two on one at end of game and was clearly looking pass all the way when shot was way easier and was there for the taking 


he clearly has a hand/wrist injury 

he rarely shoots now 

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I see two options with or without the lotto line:


Pettersson - Miller - Boeser

Höglander - Lindholm - Podkolzin

Joshua - Blueger - Garland

Mikheyev - Suter - Lafferty


This has two lines that have been our best all season




Joshua - Pettersson - Garland

Höglander - Miller - Boeser

Podkolzin - Lindholm - Mikheyev

Suter - Blueger - Lafferty

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