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[PGT]Canucks vs Golden Knights

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3 minutes ago, Rip The Mesh said:


For the love of god please form 2 decent lines and stick with it. Our 3rd line has consistently looked decent but has not had chemistry in months. Our 4th line is not a 4th line… it’s been used as a demotion line. Anybody who can’t fit in the top 9 gets plugged into the 4th line and it has been a carousel of players. Hard forechecking is fine and dandy but this team needs to find their chemistry to actually put the puck in the back of the net.

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5 minutes ago, Jaimito said:

VGK were ready to go.  Nux didn't match their intensity and made too many errors.


Giving up a goal within a min after you score, twice, is not acceptable.  Those are just such back breakers like SHG, hard to overcome.  

I hope we're ready to go come playoff time or it will be over quickly. 

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1 minute ago, Kragar said:

DeSmith earned some blame. First 5 mins, he was like the 3rd goalie coming in... seemed very nervous/distracted.

True. DeSmith was bad to start this game. Didn't inspire any confidence in the team.

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