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[GDT] Vegas @ Vancouver - Monday, April 8th - 7pt/10et - SNP, 650 - Rogers Arena - Vancouver, B.C.

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5 minutes ago, LaBamba said:

Arturs Silovs 

I’m hoping they put him in net. I have a feeling they will try it. We need the win with Oilers coming for the division lead. Not the greatest of times for an experiment but it might be worth a try. Give Artur a tougher team to play against compared to the 2 he’s won against and see how he does. He could very well work his way into being our backup next year if we can’t re-sign Desmith.

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DeSmith has not had enough offensive support to take the brunt of the losses. 2 PP goals against in the LA game changes the complexion of the game immediately. 


The Canucks have been playing well enough to win for some time now. Their offense has dried up to a degree but their overall game has been decent. Now is not the time to panic and change how they approach the game. Whether they win the Pacific or not is important but not critical. Cup play will be a tough. The opposing teams are all worthy competitors. Canucks are not favored Cup finalists.


Their success or failure in these games will require extraordinary effort throughout the lineup. Frankly the Canucks do not have comparable roster depth to many other contenders. Yes, they can go on a run and let us hope so. That said, how the roster plays under Cup pressure is almost as important as winning. Canucks have an envelope for Cup contention that could run for a number of years. At a minimum these playoffs have to answer some questions by management about who they move or retain this summer. Who will step up and who will fade? 

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13 minutes ago, Hairy Kneel said:

I agree Silov's should start.


But, not at the expense of disparaging what DeSmith has done for us this year.

DeSmith has 11 wins 9 losses


My take:

28 games - 79 goals allowed
53 GA at even strength 
24 GA on the pp   
*2 shorties allowed on pk


6 of his Losses were in overtime;
in one OT Loss we only scored 1 goal, vs Minn, no goal support.


Even if we win 2 of those 6 OT losses his record would be 13 and 7, which i think would have been completely possible. And would have been totally awesome. 


March games -  5W -  6L
Almost .500 which would be good for a back up, not great, but ok.
Also in March he has 29 GA total but,
12 GA in the LAST 2 games, Vegas-LA
It's  not as horrific as many are saying.

Also note:

Some of these pp goals are questionable calls and terrible 5 on 3's opportunities against.


In 14 games he's allowed 2 goals or less.


His last 4 losses were Dallas, Vegas, and LA twice. Tough tough teams.
Add to this that the team defense AND scoring lately has been subpar. Like bad.


And our pp sucks donkey ass.


I think there's enough blame to go around.  I think DeSmith is taking too much of the heat. Other teams know this; and he would be a valuable piece to trade not dump like some are suggesting, fkn haters.
Lets not undersell his accomplishments.

i really dont care what desmith have done up to this point.. you play whichever goalie give you the best chance to win.. fact is silov have looked better in the net regardless of if it was weaker opponent.. arizona is lighting up opponents in the last 5 games except the canucks game with 1 goal.. they were scoring 5+ against every other opponent. the problem with desmith is he's either good or really bad.. in 2 of the more important games.. the game literally ended before it even started.. he couldn't stop a beach ball. 4 goals on 10 shots 2 goals on 4 shots to start the game.. just coz his opponents are tough it's not an excuse.. what if demko is not fully healthy and gets injured again in the playoff?? vegas went thru a bunch of goalies in their cup runs so opponents is not an excuse. fact is he's letting in bad goals and not giving his team a chance to even get a win

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If Demko isn't back Silvos needs to start. You can't start the guy with 12 goals against in 2 games. DeSmith has been a great backup this year but right now he's either being overworked or it's a Confidence issue either or it doesn't matter we need to get back in the win column and DeSmith isn't giving us that chance right now.

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 Silovs,  DeSmith.......Doesn't matter. Sure. With Demmer in net the outcomes of the past month and a bit could've been in our favour. But it's the team in front of the net that needs to get going. We've clinched the playoffs and can seemingly breeze the rest of the way, but man! We need to see some drive and desire baby!


Needless to say, it's apparent that we've not played a solid sixty minute game since the AS break. It's like night and day from when we went on that seven game eastern road swing in January. to what we're witnessing lately. 


You know. I love these guys. They can do no wrong (Figuratively speaking!) and are MY Vancouver Canucks. Fan for life. WE ALL ARE!  Quite frankly though, the realist in me says, "So what. We're in the playoffs. Relax., We got this."  But emotionally, I'm disappointed. I mean I'm flummoxed, perturbed, vexed, despondent, melancholy all at the same time, man! And I'm sure many Canuck fans are in the same quandary as I'm experiencing.


I get it. We need to hunker down and not just eek out a win, but get convincing wins. We need to see that they still have it in them; to show why we're playoff bound and that the our successful season is not a fluke.


I get that the season is winding down and we're setting up for the playoffs. Wow. Playoffs. After almost a decade, we get to see playoff hockey in Vancouver. I'm stoked. Coming into the playoffs with five games left on our schedule, we need to head into the second season on a positive note. So....................


Let's win some games, clinch the Pacific, and kick ass!


Go Canucks Go!!!!!:towel::towel::towel:

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Can’t see us winning without  demko in net.

Hopefully the Nucks  shows up to this game and don’t embarrass themselves.


running out of excuses for their crappy play .

remember the to long a home stand lololol. 
The to short a road trip don’t help. 


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