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PTSC: Game #82 VAN @ WPG April 18 2024

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Reminder!  This game continues until the Canucks win the Stanley Cup or are eliminated from the playoffs, whichever comes first.  That means there are anywhere from 5 to 29 games remaining to decide the winner.


Congrats to the Canucks for clinching the Pacific Division title.  And congrats to @footsteps, @swimmer and @gizmo2337 for correctly predicting the final score of the last game.


Updated leaderboard:



Up next, the final regular season game, in Winnipeg, against the Jets, at 5:00 Pacific Daylight Time.



Predict the winner, the score and the Game Winning Goal (or shootout).

  • Predict the winning team - 1pt
  • Predict the right score, but not the right team - 1pt
  • Predict the right team AND the right score - 5pts
  • Predict the Game Winning Goal scorer, OR predict the winning team in the shootout - 1pt
  • Predict the winning team, final score & GWG (or shootout) - 7pts


Bonus question alert!

  • Who scores the Canucks final goal of the regular season? - 1pt


As always, only one prediction per game, no predictions or edits after puck drop, no conditional predictions and no gambling.  If you have questions, or think I have made a mistake in your score, please DM me. Full PTSC rules can be found in the season opening thread.


My predictions:

4 - 3 Canucks

Boeser with the GWG

Joshua with the Canucks final home goal


Good luck and Go :canucks: Go!


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I need the Canucks to smash Hellebuyck (assuming he plays) so Demko can win the Vezina.


8-0 Vancouver.


Garland GWG.


Suter last goal of the season.

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I'm going out on a limb here...

4-3 Jets     5-2 Canucks


gwg Conner   gwg Joshua 


last Canuck goal - Hogz


phew... had to change it before puck drop, due to players being sat out.

Edited by grumpyone
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Van wins 4-1

Huggy with GWG

Garland with final goal of regular season

** the opinions expressed in this post do not constitute a guarantee of future results. please consult post-game stats for an accurate prediction.

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4-1 Jets

Toffoli GWG

Last goal of the season for VAN: Garland gets his 20th (as if anyone deserves more...unsung hero of the year). It would be nice if Garland gets 1 and Josh gets 2...then both would hit 20.

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