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What Would You Say?

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I wanted to throw in on the festivities and give forum to our voice in a positive way. Your in the locker room, you have the team 

waiting, listening, eyes bulging, sweat dripping down, NO PRESSURE AT ALL, what would you like them to hear?


My 3 things:


1. First off thank you! WOW! Hockey is great again in BC! Your hearing it and feeling that thanks being channeled via all

the people that attended the 1st game and the people that were watching. Thank you for bringing us the best iteration 

of the Canucks... ever. 


2. "It's there" I had a director once who told us one simple thing to keep the nerves down before we performed and that was

"It's there" he said "you dont need to look at your lines, or remember how to act or be nervous about anything... at some point

you have to just stop worrying and overthinking and say its there and just do it." ...... Its there boys its always been there.


3. Your living the dream  You guys are all wise, everyone knows what's going on today but not even about the wars, or 

macro politics just on a micro level, you see on the news or pass by reality on your way to and from wherever the f9ck 

you go... Your living in a different reality I hope you don't take a single minute for granted. This is our moment as fans

to live the dream vicariously, through you and with you. When you score ill be right there with you jumping from my

chair either in the arena or @ my home. When you get scored on.... ill alt tab and probably watch a guy cut the grass 

on youtube until i calm down and then tab back. Buuuuttt ill be right there!!! 


Interested to hear what motivational things anyone can think of! 



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