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Canucks Playing Well. Just need same line changes

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I like many others here would probably agree that the Canucks are playing a good quality of playoff hockey. Their defensive game has been excellent, their PK is better then any point in the regular season.  Yes the powerplay needs to get going and I do think they are getting good chances but the bounces haven't gone their way. The Bigger issue Is the top players haven't scored and It is time to shake up the lines a bit.


Miller needs to center Joshua and Garland. Miller is a much more talented center than Lindholm and Joshua and Garland play more like Miller (in your face)


This opens up Boeser to play with EP40 and throw Hoglander on with these two. EP40 and Hogs was gaining traction in the regular season and Boeser and EP40 have had past chemistry. More offensive players to play with EP40 can't hurt him.


That leaves Lindholm and Mikheyev as a due, Both defensive players that can find the net here and there. 


I believe these Lines allow for more offense in the top two lines without giving up to much of the defensive game.


What do you guys think, what changes would you make just curious how would you go about sparking the offense.



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I think what's more important is give Petey lesser competition to go up against on PP2.  Take him off the top unit for a night, and I'd do something like this:

                Joshua (let Joshua grind down low to create space)
Garland - Boeser - Miller (8 and 9 are mobile creators while 6 and 9 can both shoot the puck well)

                   Hoglander? (he's shifty and can hustle along the boards)
Lindholm -  Mikheyev? - Petey (maybe there's better options than Mikheyev but putting 23, 65 and 40 all together can hopefully get them all heated up against lesser PKs)

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3 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

I love how these new topics are so spammy yet also somewhat contradictory.  And they're issuing forth from the same keyboard.



I think they work in tandem, The current lines are creating to much puck possession. Loosen up and make the lines more offensive and the Canucks will have more chances on the rush then them shotting in to a box of defenders in the slot

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Effort means more than combinations now. Nashville's goals have been team screens and a great solo effort.


But in all seriousness, garland-joshua and miller-boeser (though was better in first) have been the most consistent pairs over the season. Hoglander/petey has slumped with petey's funk.


For me lindholm is a great passer which is good for getting breakaways, but it is the playoffs so we're not seeing a lot of those. So i'd like to see blueger (of course). The reason why is because they cycle the puck so well down low which negates the blocking. They live near the net which was where joshua got his big one in game 1. I'd try keep suter up with miller-boes for now and have lindholm center pettey and mik (even if they don't score they'll defend well). Hoglander's a bit off his game, i think he'd do ok to go back to the 4th where he could get some space against lesser d-men.


I doubt they'll change much but anyway i'd like to see the peaky bluegers back.




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Nothing to do with your lineup picks...


But I think a lot of our recent scoring woes is due to the lines being in a blender...


Passing has been terrible, and I think that has to do with playing with new line mates.


Whatever the lines might be they need to give these guys some time to learn each other's tendencies etc etc

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