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Challenges in playoffs

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Why even have challenges in the postseason? 


In the time it takes for the video guys to look at the replays and send a recommendation down to the bench, the Toronto guys could also be looking at the same replays and doing one of three things: (1) allow the goal, (2) disallow the goal, (3) request more time.


Would this significantly slow down the game?


When the stakes are this high, the priority ought to shift more to getting the call right. The penalty for an incorrect challenge is basically the NHL saying you have to gamble if you want to make sure the call was correct.


Of course the regular season is different because many games may be played simultaneously. But in the playoffs, there may be at most 3 being played at one time.


Maybe I'm just grumpy from the Josi goal and seeing Tocchet clearly not wanting to risk an incorrect challenge, but this just seems like a logical thing to do for the postseason.

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I just think that if you have a timeout, you should  challenge anything without fear of a penalty.  If you don't have a timeout, and you lose a challenge, you get a penalty.  Just my 2 cents.  Without any type of protection, it is kind of difficult to challenge without a gun to your head if you got it wrong especially with 50/50 challenge.  Right now, loss of a timeout for a failed challenge is not in the rulebook, unfortunately.

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