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[PGT] Shitmonton at Vancouver - Round 2 - Game 2

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We were the better team for most of the game then just stopped skating in the 3rd and backed off for some reason. We looked tired. Couldn't make a pass, couldn't get the puck out of our own zone, we could and should have won this game going into the 3rd with a lead but just gave Edmonton too much respect and played them too passively.


We've got to be more aggressive next game and put more pressure on them.


The story of the series will be how their loaded top line does against our depth, but Skinner letting in bad goals while Silovs plays well could be a difference.


Could have easily won this game but didn't deserve to after we stopped playing in the third. Edmonton's bottom 9 are absolute trash so we should be able to beat them over a long series.

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My first reaction, Cole shouldn't play in OT, no matter what. Shorten the bench.  He can still play in first 3 period and shouldn't be in OT  That is simple.  He has reached his limit when 3 period expired.   I don't think we need to overreact with Cole's play but he shouldn't be in OT, that is for sure for next time.  Also, I don't think we should play 4 lines in OT as well.  Shorten the bench and go for it.  

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