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[GDT] Stanley Cup Playoffs R2 G3 (Series tied 1-1) Vancouver Canucks @ Oilers - Sun May 12 6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET - Edmonton

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1 hour ago, Goal_thecup said:

Great GDT thanks @OldFaithfulcap


Ok; win that, and then, maybe, we can have our own announcers back, and kick Simpsuck and that old Toronto warhorse (in the nads) and TO THE CURB!

Boston gets there own crew, Florida, NY, etc, etc. 

Yeah, i'm getting awfully sick and tired of muting it every time Simp starts talking, and then I can't hear the game sounds, and he never shuts the fuck up, and he talks while the play is on, and he is like listening to sticky paint dry after dropping into your ears, and he's got a shiny fucking bulbous forehead and sickly smile if you can even look at that mug, etc. GET THAT SHIT SIMP OUT OF THERE!


But that's just what I think (for what it's worth).  


To damn with faint praise, he's marginally better than Jim 'motormouth' Fox, who I get in the desert when Nux play LA.  Center Ice, which usually carries the Sportsnet feed, is blacked out for channel 29, which carries Kings and Lakers games.

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We should consider going with 7 Dmen just in case the open season on our guys continues. If they intentionally injure Hughes early we could still have an extra Dman for 3 pairs.


Go Canucks Go!!!!!

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keep the relentless pressure on their D - they will cough up the puck constantly as shown in last half of game one.  Bouchard coughs up the puck just from the sound of someone bearing down on him - no need to even bring up dummy Darnell and Ceci.  Skinner is unreliable, and will let in shots from anywhere.


and pound Draisatl at every chance.




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This game we will see how good our coaching staff truly is.


Edmonton made some adjustments by loading up their top line, giving them the best line in the world but giving them hardly any depth.


Let's see how the Canucks adjust to neutralize mcdrai.


Do we see Miller and Lindholm on the same line? To double up the shut down match up..


Lindholm Miller Boeser

Suter Pettersson Hoglander

Joshua Blueger Garland

Mikheyev Lafferty DiGiusseppe


Or do we stay with the same lines?

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