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As a Member of this Forum, Where Does Your Handle Originate From?

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Ive had a few handles


Started out as ‘How the west was won’. This was back in the Sedin days and was a tip of the hat to Led Zeppelin and to the canucks being a top team in the west


Then it was ‘Wanless’ which is just my last name


when this forum started up I went with ‘Johnny’ a tip of the hat to Johnny Canuck but spicing it up with Jack Nicholson in the shinning with the famous picture right when he says “heres Johnny” as my avatar. Which also works out well with the Jack Nicholson GIF that is used so often

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My username was Pp4Skin and Vag4Skin back in a game called runescape, but moderators ended up forcing me to change my username. 

Ended up abbreviated another name and now I’m EoH.

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I had 2 pretty long accounts on CDC

Noheart (care bare villain) was the other one. 

LaBamba was originally Bob LaBamba from the movie. (Ritchie’s alcoholic brother) then I dropped the Bob and added the pencil. 

I should switch back to Noheart now that the oilers ruined my name 

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