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I haven't seen this posted anywhere on the site, so I will start this thread. I am invidious a link to an article claiming Filip Johanssen has accepted a contact with a team in Sweden and will not pay in North America next season. If true, this POTENTIALLY creates a hole in our depth. I am of two minds on this as I am unsure whether he would even make the big club next season, but it is what it is at this point. However, take this with a heavy grain of salt as the article comes from Canucks Daily. Not sure how credible a source they are, but hopefully management will provide some clarity in the weeks ahead. 




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11 minutes ago, BCNate said:

I was hoping he would have been better than he is.  No real loss, very replaceable AHL depth.


He was actually a very solid dman in Abby, very underestimated.  I get it though, he probably thinks his chance at an NHL career is past, so why not go home and play?

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On 5/22/2024 at 7:48 PM, N4ZZY said:

man, our RHD depth is so bad. 



Something wrong with Juulsen?   The big team will sort it out on the NHL side of things, and yes we need to have a better focus on the right side as far as drafting goes, something Benning was completely negligent on, went to bat two times with high picks, both of them LHD's, one a bust, the other QHs @aGENT Bouchard ..  well maybe i wasn't as wrong after all.   Playoffs is where it matters the most, that stung.    Not saying QHs is worse, he's not.    Just saying given 150% of all NHL d's are naturally left ... that makes a big emphasis on drafting RHD's.   They are unicorn's.    EK, Doughty, Burns were the best of their generation,  Bouchard is just getting started.   Also saying size matters, as does playoffs.   QHs is looking a little like Housley, as in the opposition can shut him down.    He's no Chris Chelios, as in a little guy who plays like a big man.    Nor can he.   Not his fault.    

The fact Jim Benning had all those drafts with so many high second rounders, and only used one on Woo was criminally negligent.   Sure hope Allvin doesn't fuck this up as badly.   At least he used his first one on Willander.   Not that he's a slam dunk, but he's smart enough to see the obvious.   BPA isn't a terrible policy as long as you make it work.    JB draft record, same with Mike Gillis was awfully bad after the second round.    Bennings was better, but still not great.   We haven't seen a big hit since Edler.   Nonis was a good drafter.    Burke also wasn't great just ok.    Really have to go back to Pat Quin to find an era where we drafted well.   


Edit: Bouchard has 2 less regular season goals, in 100 less NHL games.    And his playoff stats are pretty unreal.    When it matters the most, the 6'3" 200lb mule kicked Bouchard has done what he was drafted to do.   The gap between QHs, has closed significantly.    

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