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[Proposal] No! Not The Angry Elf!

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Conor Garland



Helge Grans

2nd Round Pick (CLB - 36OA)


Angry Elf is gone!!  But we traded him at his highest value.  We acquire pieces to flip for the blockbuster below.





Helge Grans

2nd Round Pick (CLB - 36OA)

1st Round Pick (VAN)



Aaron Ekblad ($1M retained by FLA for the last year of his contract)


Transforming our D core to an elite Top 4.


TRADE 3 involves moving Mikheyev for a bag of pucks with whatever means possible.







I feel like Podkolzin would learn a lot playing with Joshua on a regular basis.






Look at that top 4 group!




@Elias Pettersson I guess we'd both have to change our avatars here 🤣


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@HKSR Believe it or not, Garland is my boy now. I don’t actually want to trade him. I’m totally happy with buying out Mikheyev so I don’t have to change my avatar.  😊


I don’t think Philly would be interested in Garland. If we do go after Ekblad, then I’d want to trade Hronek to get a top 6 forward. IMO, Willander will be on the team in 2025. 

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Other than acquiring Ekblad (which makes an expensive, but very good defense), I don't see any

changes in the top 6. The bottom 6 looks weaker (Podz has not proven himself as a 3rd liner)

and Karlsson has only played in 6 NHL games.  Maybe switch PDG with Podz, but then you

have a 4th line with little NHL experience.


I really want to see a tougher top 6, with more offensive upside than what we saw in

the playoffs.  Especially if the team is going to lose the secondary scoring on

the 3rd line.

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1 hour ago, Fen1010 said:

Why would Philly do this? They are rebuilding, trading away a top D prospect and a draft pick seems counter productive for them.




I agree, I don't think PHI do this trade. They already have 13 forwards signed, only have $6.7m in cap space next season and need to add 3 Dmen. Don't see them trading a young Dman + a pick in exchange for a forward.

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