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[discussion] Comparing our starting lineup to last year’s: part 5 - the defence

Huggy Bear

Comparing our starting lineup to last year’s: part 5 - defence  

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With practice lines this morning revealing a more realistic starting NHL lineup, how does it compare to last years?


Defence  McWard, a healthy Hronek, two new heavies, less chaos, and complimentary pairs!


  • Hughes worked hard in the off-season with his USDP buddies in Michigan, and has returned looking sharp, and shooting more frequently. He’s being paired with early standout McWard, who brings a bit of everything, including experience partnering with an offensively skilled partner. This experiment is still in early days, with McWard playing sheltered minutes. Can they outperform last years pairing of Hughes with Bear/Schenn/Juulsen?


  • Cole and Hronek have shown early chemistry with highly complimentary styles. They have the potential to play a shutdown role, with Hronek adding a legitimate secondary weapon from the blueline while Hughes is on the bench. Cole seems to enjoy throwing his weight around, which is sorely needed, and Hronek plays with an edge as well. He’s also returning strong after a successful offseason. It’s hard not to see this pair as a vast improvement from OEL-Myers


  • Soucy has looked okay in the preseason, but failed to get the top pair assignment with Hughes. Paired with Myers, he provides  physical shutdown style that should compliment Myers offensive tendencies. Myers should be motivated in a contract year, and set up for success with reduced minutes.


What are your thoughts? How will this d group perform compared to last year’s?

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The D is going to be better.  No question.  However, they still don't have a proper partner for Hughes.  McWard is a maybe.  So is Juulson


I heard that Bear is likely going to be out until after Christmas.  He is a possibility for the D corps however, I think he is more likely the long term replacement for Myers.  With a healthy Bear back, they can feel free to deal Myers at the trade deadline.  But, re-signing Bear is a maybe anyhow.  A lot can happen between now and Christmas

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I like a Cole/Hronek pairing.


Hughes doesn't have a legit partner, realistically. A season of auditions? Meh.


Soucy is a reasonable 3rd pair option, nothing more. A pairing with Myers, for however long Myers remains a Canuck, should be imposing in the least, intimidating at best.


Plenty of 7th D platoon options, barring waivers. We'll miss Schenn.


The D corp is a big trade away from NHL calibre. I M H O of course...

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While I think our defense will be better as a whole, with a significantly improved PK, my concern for this team is that there's still too much of a drop off on the back-end after Hughes and Hronek.  We don't really have a true #3 guy.  To further complicate matters, Hughes and Hronek are not stylistically compatible to play with one another and so you'll basically have Soucy (a #4 calibre d-man) playing with Hughes while Cole (and #5 calibre d-man) will be playing with Hronek.......and this of course, is assuming that everyone stays healthy!  (which is not realistic obviously).


The Canucks have very good depth on defense in terms of guy that can fill in on a 3rd pair, and guys that can possibly ride shotgun on a 2nd pairing (i.e. Wolanin, Hirose, Rathbone, McWard, Juulsen, etc.), but this team really need another #2 calibre d-man.


#1/#1A - Hughes

#2 - Hronek

#2A/3 - MIA

#4 - Soucy

#5 - Cole

#5 - Myers

#5-#6 - Hirose, Wolanin, etc.


Depending on what Management's goals are for this season, it might be worth our while to try and trade Myers with a sweetener to try and upgrade on defense (in hopes of getting that missing 2A/3 guy).  Chris Tanev would have been ideal but there's no way Calgary trades him to us.  


I thought Dumba would have been nice but I've been informed that the guy has dropped off a lot.  

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7 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:

I see management working on a deal that brings a legit partner for Hughes. 


Myers, Beauvillier potential money off the books soon. Could be an interesting TDL. Cole likely of the books in the summer. Hopefully Willander will be ready to take the job with Hughes next year?


They definitely have some options.

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