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Serious injury to Podkolzin


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38 minutes ago, Barn Burner said:

Damn. Just when this kid is starting to roll. Let's pray he's alright. 


I looked at the stat sheet and there's some scummy sucker named Keaton Middleton who took a 5 minute major and a game misconduct. 


No doubt, that's what most likely happened. 


To games after another Calgary scumbag tried to do the same thing to Neilson. I'm sick of these type of teams. I love rough play, fighting and hitting but Calgary and Colorado are two of the scummiest teams around. No need for goofs in this league. Keaton Middleton, if you are reading this, assuming you can read FUCK YOU !!

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17 minutes ago, Tusk said:

Can anyone post a replay showing the slew foot and intentonal crimes? Has the RCMP got a call yet? 

I don't know if you really know as much about hockey as you imply you do but I can tell you really know how to make friends and influence people.

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Hopefully Pods bouces back.... seen this shit end lots of careers.. I don't see him as a top 6 player anymore and haven't for abit but def as a fan favorite 3rd liner who plays solid 2 way hockey.... valuable asset still.


First and foremost guys health but also think he'll be a solid serviceable guy and it will suck to have this be a thing going forward changing that future... seems like a genuine good person who actually deserves to play in the NHL. 


Rooting for ya #92!!

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1 minute ago, Strawbone said:


Couldn't add him to my ignore list fast enough. Hope Podz gets home to his wife and new baby sooner rather than later. Not even concerned about him as a hockey player right now.

Yah same here... I really don't like it when posts here like to pile on others for their... Maybe not popular opinion.  But this person Tusk.... Is the exception.  Doesn't get much lower... Get some help Tusk.

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3 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Please be ok, please be ok, please be ok.


I hope he fully recovers. That's too effin scary.


And Tusk is a piece of garbage.


When I saw Podz convulsing on the ice I found it very upsetting. I can only think of one or two other on-ice situations that I found as disturbing and I would rather not remember them. I immediately started thinking about his wife and baby. I assume the Canucks will step in with financial support if needed  (his AHL salary won't go far). Really hope he is okay.


It certainly looked liked a seizure induced by head trauma. That can be very serious (obviously) but there is some chance he can recover fairly quickly. Just hoping for the best.



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