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Good morning hockey fans!



Good morning! 

  As I sit here with my rockstar, I check the scores and who is playing tonight. Because it’s pre-season baby! So todays topic I’ll be just expressing my excitement for this season & the games I’ll be watching next few days. Also whose wagon I’ll be jumping on because facing facts my top team won’t be seeing playoffs for few more years. And lets not forget which players tires I’ll be pumping. 

 Getting it started will be the Canucks vs. Oilers game. Here we got two teams who are 0-1-0 in the pre-season, have feeling we will be seeing more NHL quality players with the moves made yesterday. What I’m looking for is a guy to stand out so that’s what I’m watching out for tomorrow, Canucks need guys to be hungry and want that spot on the roster. Pettersson wants to win now? I suspect he even though Hughes is captain, EP will be a vocal player or lead by example and I think vets should play hard in these meaningless games just to gain chemistry and show they want it all. Look at 0-10 as learning bump and hope they learned as group not to face that type of humiliation again. This is going to be my first evening tuning into some pre-season action, along with the Canucks I’ll be checking on the Maple Leafs, Habs & Ducks. Possibly those LA kings, I’ll talk about that later.


 That being said I have mad hype for Mr. Elias Pettersson to become bonafide superstar and gets that level of star respect he deserves. 40+ goals and another 100 point season! Bank on it. We are living in the Elias era, let’s get him to the playoffs. This year I have him popping off again but having bigger impact on Canucks making wildcard spot. How? Making guys around him better. In order for him and Hughes to break through to the other side they need to lead BB, Kuz, Demko, JT to the promise land. EP and Kuz duo is I want to see in the playoffs, they have that finish but I’m getting little ahead of myself. I’m excited to watch this Era of superstars. They have a lot of quality pieces and a team to watch this year. Pacific is ruthless division but hey anything can happen.

 Speaking of the pacific along with the spark in BC, NHL is seeing a resurgence in California. LA Kings are not far off from being playoff bound! Along with the Ducks of Anaheim. Just like that the Pacific becomes competitive again. Especially with addition of Kraken. Division filled with teams of hard working and hard hitting players. Which is what makes the pacific so entertaining. It’s going to be a fight for playoffs and I’m here for it all. Mid-season droughts, winning streaks, you name it. I’ll be watching. Let’s goo!!! 

 Stars I’ll be watching Connor McDavid, Connor Bedard and Mitch Marner. Got high hopes for each player. McJesus this year I feel isnt about the season at all. This year, it’s about getting into the playoffs and getting over that hump! He made it to the Western Conference finals before. He knows what it takes. He has all the regular season trophy’s. 2023-2024 I think we see more motivated leadership in him. I don’t think it’s over for Oilers vs. Vegas, regular season games will be must watch because I’d love to see them clash again. Speaking of clashing, BEDARD VS. MCDAVID! This season is all welcome wagon until it isn’t, I don’t think we see real battle but i am ready to see these guys match up with their speed. I cannot wait to see Bedard play finally. Him paired with Hall is match made, Hall is big player and finisher. Which I think will help both their stats through out the season. Hawks won’t be good, they’ll be entertaining though. Unlike Mitch Marner in the east with the Leafs who will be expected to be top team in the east, after getting taste of 2nd round I am sure they’re hungry for more. Pretty hard loss against the Panthers last season, out of the gates this season I think Marner keeps his foot down and puts up 100 point season. He is in his prime so I’ll be watching him to get 40 goals at some point. 

October can’t get here any faster. Anything can change, anything can happen, injuries or trades. Can’t wait! 

 Happy game day! 🏒 





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