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This is a place where Canucks fans can interact with each other, find the latest news about the Canucks, and discuss a wide variety of hockey and non-hockey related content. This is intended to be a welcoming placed for everyone, and we will actively moderate and remove any attempt to disrupt the peace and functionality of the community. Please read the board rules carefully, as extreme infractions or repeated infractions will result in a permanent ban. Please report all violations of the rules below via the 'Report' link located at the top of every post.




1. You will be tolerant and respectful of your fellow visitors.


Do not:

  • Personally attack other users, or generalized attacks. Attacking an opinion is acceptable, attacking a user is not.
  • Start flame wars, troll or otherwise post with intent to provoke other posters.
  • Retaliate to personal attacks or trolling (use the report link).
  • Harass, stalk, or shadow other users.


Disagreement is ineveitable in the course of discussion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and replies should be focused on opinion itself, rather than the person. Avoid joining discussions if you can't communicate without combative, aggressive, hateful, ad-hominen, or derogatory comments.


2. You will not spam or create redundant topics.

Your message should be well thought out, and add something of substance to the discussion. Please think before posting or creating a new thread. While discussions can sometimes natually move to new places, effort should be made to stay on topic with the original post as 'thread hijacking' is not acceptable. Always search for an existing topic to reply to, and only start a new one if you are sure the topic hasn't been discussed recently. Please read the board descriptions and think about which board your topic belongs in before posting your message.


3. Do not post violent, sexually explicit, hateful, racist, or vulgar comments.

Explicit language and intentionally bypassing the word censors will not be tolerated.


4. You will not abuse the moderators.

Inflammatory or abusive behaviour towards moderators is forbidden. If you have an issue with a moderator's actions, need clarification on a moderator's decision, or want to make a suggestion please private the administrator here, or post in the Suspension, Warning, and Moderation Feedback forum here.


5. You will not possess multiple accounts.

Your account is for you only. You may not grant other users access to your account. If you are found to be using more than one account at a time (i.e. proxy accounts), you will be permanently banned. Any attempt to bypass a temporary suspension will immediately result in your account being permanently suspended.


We reserve the right to edit, or remove from display, any posts containing infractions. All moderation actions are audited and reviewed.




What happens if I'm warned or banned?

When you are warned or banned, you will receive a private message and/or email explaining the ban and the time to be served when you next login. You can check the status of your warning points by clicking the 'X warning points' text under your avatar. You will also be able to view explanations of past warnings. If you take issue with a moderation action, please private message the administrator here, or post in the Suspension, Warning, and Moderation Feedback forum here. All permanent suspensions are reviewed by the Administrator.


How can I reduce my warning points?

In some cases, warning points may be set to expire a certain time after being received. If this happens it will be noted in your ban explanation message. The moderators may also remove warnings at any time if they see you posting constructively and being a good influence on the forum.




Moderators have extended permissions, and are thus governed by a couple additional rules.


1. Moderators will not moderate threads they are active in.

Moderators are part of the community and can engage in discussion, governed by the same rules as everyone else. To maintain transparency and a separation between activities, moderators are restricted from moderating threads where they are actively engaged in discussion.


2. Moderation will be not be carried out via personal message.

All moderation actions and communications toward board members will be carried out via the warning system, in posts themselves (via moderator edit), or in the Suspension, Warning, and Moderation Feedback forum. This will ensure the whole moderation team has access to all actions taken, and will help ensure fairness and transparency in all decisions.

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