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    • We could still get Nashville in that case, if we win out and Dallas loses their last game in regulation. Then we'd win the West and get Nashville as WC2
    • Claude Girouix played center most of his career too.    The trade they'd be inclined to offer is EP for Norris and this years first.  To us.   They could use a little more scoring.    They'd be a top ten offensive team (again) if it wasn't for Chabot, Norris, Pinto missing significant time.     Likely an extra 25 goals right now, which would put them right around where we are.    They lost a lot of one goal games this year (plus an empty net), due to mediocre to bad goaltending.        Brady is like a 6'3" 220lb Claude Lemuiex.   You just know once they get to the playoffs, he's going to be an MVP for his team.   He is already in the regular season,  his game is designed for the post season.     Rooting for OTT to get Hellebuyck.   That's over.     That said, each year  better player or two  is coming in, so don't think even mediocre to bad goaltending will keep them down forever.    They've done a masterful job with their cap.    Edit.   Another offer would be this years first straight across for Demko and one of their existing goalies.    These are the type of deals they'd consider. 
    • The big thing OTT is missing badly is elite goaltending.    They've basically got their entire core, all locked in at reasonable long term deals,   if they had a star goalie to go with it, then they'd be a playoff team.   Their window is enviable,  we're excepted to do a lot better this year, didn't work out that way, and their TO brethren, started this year jealous after the series of 8 x 8 deals.       Another young player in the pipe for them this year, and they've still got quite a bit coming as is. On that, their drafting is nothing short of superb and has been going back to when they drafted EK, Stone, Zinbanejad, Pageau, Hoffman etc etc.   Given where they were finishing, few flubs and a hits in the later rounds.    Hellebuyck in OTT instead, they'd be in the show.   Even with Norris and Pinto missing significant time.     As for Brady, no way are they trading him.   Not unless they feel they'd get something better back.     They need goaltending.   Another year of sub .900 save percentages.    And a healthy lineup.   
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