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    • Millers on pace for around 110, EP 100.   Kind of what was supposed to happen with Bure and Mogilny on our team at the same time...also both on separate lines.   It's nice that both guys play center (well mostly anyways).     JT Miller, is looking to go down as an all-time Canuck great.   Both guys have a shot at 1000 points.   Miller could play until he's 38-40.    Wouldn't have thought this when we traded for him, but 400 goals and 1000 plus points are within his grasp.   It's possible, we have 3 guys on the current team, maybe 4, on their way to the HHOF depending on how post season play goes as well.  
    • The Sedins had two careers.   One as reliable first line players, who eventually lost their speed and a supporting cast, the other half learning how to emerge into first line players.   It's part of the reason those who've followed the team since they were drafted,  know just how hard it is to find guys like Miller and EP.    As for Miller, 99 is awfully close.    Without checking, Bure twice (also scored 60 or so goals each time), then Mogilny, Naslund once (also just missed out on the Art Ross to Forsberg, was actually ahead all year, came down to the final couple games), then Hank (114?) then Daniel.    Bure's goal scoring records seem safe.   Hanks single season for sure is something either Miller or EP could challenge though.     Funny thing ... pretty sure we have more 100 point plus guys then TO's had.   Sittler?  Gilmour for sure.   Don't think Sundin ever did it there (did it with the Nords though)... Even pre-cap, these guys didn't grow on trees.    Edit:  Checked.  TO Sittler had two in the 70's, and Gilmour had two in the 90's just as the dead puck era was creeping in.  92-93, 93-94, 127 points as their high bar.   Remember Cherry gushing over him all the time, and felt he was the best player in the game back then.    That was the only TO team that I liked, Clark was a beauty.   It was nice to dispose of them in 94,  also a testament, to how good the Canucks were.    Barely put up a fight compared to CAL.   Also,  the 92-93 Leafs/LA series, was one of the best i've watched.    Mathews has one (so far) too,  giving them 5 total.    Love that we've got them beat.    And looking to add to that as well.  
    • I think you're right, but I was too lazy to do the research on my phone, and didn't want some twit coming at me with something like, Oh Yeah? Tony Tanti. I knew the cap era was right because I looked that up a couple of weeks ago. I was shocked that Hank and Dank only had one hundred point season each.
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