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ECHL revealed a new Nevada team

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Meet the Lake Tahoe Knight Monsters…


Welcome to the newest ‘Knights’ in NV.

They will definitely be affiliated with VGK next year based on the ‘Knight’ the gold and the shield, star in the eye, and filigree-ish on two of the alternate logos.


Introducing the Tahoe Knight Monsters

Logo of the Tahoe Knight Monsters

STATELINE, Nev. – The ECHL’s newest team, the Tahoe Knight Monsters, revealed its name and logo at a special event held at the Tahoe Blue Event Center on Thursday.  

The team’s colors are teal, gold and black.  The Knight Monsters team name and logo is portrayed by a dragon-like creature that resides and rules Lake Tahoe. The inspiration of the name and logo originated from local input and nominations from over 1000 fans. The area has a long-standing folklore of a creature called “Tahoe Tessie,” a fictional creature that resides in Lake Tahoe. These logos also incorporate the amazing Lake Tahoe and the mountains that border it to pay homage to the area and its world-renowned natural beauty.

The Knight Monster is unique and iconic, blending the mystique and honor of a Knight with the ferocity of a lake monster creating a distinct visual identity for the team. This Knight Monster is majestic and fierce with a towering presence. The Knight Monster is a protector and fights for those who can’t fight for themselves.

The logos were designed by Nick Matarese, President and Creative director for The Barn Creative, and his team. The Barn Creative is a marketing and design company that takes branding to the next level. 

The Knight Monsters are owned by 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, and former National Football League quarterback, Tim Tebow, along with David Hodges, CEO of Hodges Management Group, LLC and 925 Partners LLC.

“We are so incredibly excited to introduce our team’s name for our fans and for the region,” said Knight Monsters co-owner Tim Tebow, “We look forward to bringing people together for fun family entertainment, as well as making a positive impact in this community.”   

“It is an honor and privilege to steward the Tahoe Knight Monsters for this community” said co-owner David Hodges, “Tim and I have an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in this community.”

The team will begin play for the ECHL’s 2024-25 season at the new Tahoe Blue Event Center, a 4,200-seat arena. The multi-purpose arena is located in Stateline, Nevada, and is managed by OVG360, a division of Oak View Group which owns and operates two National Hockey League properties (Seattle, Washington and Belmont Park, New York), and manages two additional NHL arenas (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tempe, Arizona), as well as multiple AHL, ECHL and college hockey Arenas across North America. 



I have to admit this is a nice logo, better than Henderson Silver Knights.


This design look like a Kraken-Knights have an offspring… 😆

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