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The official Canucks fan constitution.


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So it's been ages since a Canadian team won a Stanley cup and a lot of people think it's because of the bubble and scrutiny players live under. I have been giving this a lot of thought and I think it's time we draft a constitution as fans which should dictate how we act as fans towards the team and towards other Canucks fans. 

Players living in Vancouver have it rough, I know lots of people have stories of how they met players on the street or in the supermarket, whatever, but I think we can all agree these players are generous in giving their time to the fans, we have to realize they are normal every day people. You wouldn't want some rando coming up to you at the supermarket to ask you about some of the most important or devastating moments of your work career... "hey remember when you got fired?!", or "hey nice work on the Penske file!", "hey, do you have time to autograph this bond you issued?". Most players put on a smile and answer politely, but I know as a person who sticks out in the crowd, my anxiety is triggered every time I'm about to get a question, stare, or comment. People on this forum who know have met me know what I'm talking about, just ask SN (Ribs).

We as fans have a responsibility to the team to create a better more sustainable, greener if you will, Canucks fan. It's the 21st century and in this day and age of high tech and instant gratification it's time we dial back a bit and take a moment to reflect what we did as fans to make the team better. After all it is our money and we do have a responsibility not only to make sure we get our money's worth, but at the same time not fall in to the same traps laid by snake oil salesmen who would exploit our religious fandom for their own profit. This is why I am calling all Canucks fans to ignore the sycophants and would be experts who think they have a right to tell you what to think about the team. We're the same forum that constantly rags on American politics and the idiots who support the GOP and their faux news lackeys, yet we'll eat up some BS Kuzma, Dahliwal or Drance feeds us like a rabid Trump supporter, it's highly hypocrital and a very bad look.

We become way too fanatical when it comes to callng out the players and staff when it comes to on ice results. I know I make mistakes at my job, would I like it if my customers said I should be fired every time I made a mistake? We all make mistakes in our daily lives that unfortunately affect the time and economy of others, but it's a social contract we accept like anything else because we are only human. People who entertain us should be afforded the same leeway so they can do their job to the best of their abilities.

Remember your fandom is personal, it's what you make of it, if another Canucks fan wants to support the team during dire times, what does that matter to you? You don't think Aquilini, Rutherford, Allvin, Tocchet and the players don't want to win? So what if someone gives them their hard earned money when times are tough, they are Canucks fans and feel they are getting their money's worth win or lose. Why does it make you so angry when they lose and become a rage machine, because the people who need a story to write about stoke the flames of aggression? Or are you going to be a responsible fan and take a step back and realize this is just a game, no mature person cares what some dipstick 10 year old neck beard Maple Leafs, Flames or Oilers fan thinks about us. We make who we are and if we choose to be strong, responsible fans, the players will flourish and the team will win.

Therefore I propose the Canucks fandom constitution:

A modern more sustainable Canucks fan agrees to the following:

  1. I will not bother the players or staff in private settings, i.e outside arena premises and open practices, they have lives to live outside of being a player, and more enjoyed anonimity will give them the freedom to leave the game for a while and recover with their friends and family until the next game.
  2. When the team is in the dumps like it is now, I will not criticize other fans if they still enjoy watching the team, their experience as a fan and how they enjoy the team is different from mine. As I would not want someone telling me how to spend my money on groceries or clothing, I should mind my business on how they spend their money on entertainment.
  3. I will not fall for bait laid out by writers only looking to exploit my rage as a fan to call out the team. While my feelings as a fan are valid, it does not give me the right to ask someone to be fired. My time and money spent as a fan of this team does not always guarantee positive results. There will always be ebbs and flows, and I will do my best to ride out the storm in dire times, and I will cheer my heart out in the times of plenty.
  4. Going to a game does not guarantee positive results. I will go to the game knowing my team is trying their best to improve and give me something to cheer about, if I think a game is not worth the money spent should they lose, then maybe I need to stay home and watch the game on TV, or just take a break for a while as the negativity is giving me a toxic fandom that is unhealthy.
  5. Most important, I will spread this message to Canucks fans who I think need to become a more sustainable fan. If there is one thing all of us Canuck fans want, it's to win, and by follwing these simple steps, we will be doing our part to make a better team.
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I can see you're well-intentioned with this, but I like most of Drance's takes, and I like Rick's "agent insider" info, but your post is essentially telling me that I shouldn't and that I'm some sort of dusty fan who can't think for myself. Sorry, but this "constitution" reads more like a high-horse doctrine. 

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I absolutely agree with your point about how team personnel are treated outside of their profession.  How some fans will antagonize them publicly, or blow up their social media with threats and abuse, and even worse, have it spill into the lives of significant others, children, family, friends, etc.  That stuff has absolutely no place in being a fan and needs to stop immediately.

But that's about it where I agree with this constitution.

Criticism of performance is part of sport because playing sport professionally is a privilege, not a right.  And truthfully, players, coaches, management, and ownership need that bit of pressure and criticism sometimes in order to galvanize them into performing.  The reason working for Toronto or Montreal is difficult isn't just because it's a Canadian market, but because those teams have built standards in their history.  If you don't perform to the level that previous greats of your team performed at, you aren't fit to wear the jersey or represent the team.  And that's not to say that fans should abandon sympathy for the team, but that we shouldn't hold back just because it may not look or feel like the "right" or "best" fan behaviour.  About a decade ago, Vancouver set those types of standards when they were winning division titles, capturing President Trophies, and competing in the playoffs.  I don't believe fans in 2023 are wrong if they're getting on the team's back for continually failing to meet those standards.

Same thing with the media.  A successful market needs journalists and writers to question the decision-making and ask questions of the team that many might be afraid or discouraged to.  After all, accountability is necessary in the long-run to build a sustainable, performing team.  Importantly, I think the minute many of the fans in this market rethink their perception of the media to that as people looking to ensure the custodians of the team are doing right by their city, the better it will be for fans.  Think of where this team might have been if the media and fans got onto ownership sooner.

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We are hardcore fans in Van and to me we should always speak our mind.


I wish we the fans could run the team as there would have been a rebuild long ago.


I like how the Greenbay Packers are run.


Hire someone to run it and as owners step back and watch.When gets bad hire someone else.

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Canadian teams are pressured out of rebuilding. Even if they tear it down and start over they immediately start increasing cap to support a handful of core players. 

Toronto did this, they aren’t complete on defence. 

we are doing this now, even though we never really did a traditional rebuild. Our core is incomplete and our organizational depth is weak. We do not have the organizational depth to use as currency and we do not have the cap to exploit contenders who can’t afford breakout RFA contracts. 

the Sens and Canadians are breaking out too soon as well. 

There is also pressure internally. When Canadian teams do draft an organizational talent they need to show they’re going to support that talent with a competitive team to convince them to extend. 

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