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My new Shaw modem is noisy and hot


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This sucks. It is hot all the time and emits a fan noise. So its obviously using more power. I had a trusty old Hiltron modem since 2015. It is silent, cool,  and I hardly ever had speed or any issues with it. But I moved. So with the move, Shaw says its time to ditch that old thing and get the new latest and greatest modem. It is called Ignite. I don't want a noisy modem. Anyone else have this ? How is this progress ? I want to return this thing. 



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I dont like being that guy but i just don't like this thing Gonna phone them and ask what else I can get instead. My trusty old Hiltron was silent and never got hot. Worked from 2015 till 2 weeks ago.


I am afraid of putting papers near this thing. 


My new house has a Telus modem in it. Maybe I'll switch but Telus is always just more expensive

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