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(Proposal) finding a top four right shot Defenseman

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I think most of us would agree we are in need of a legit top four defenseman. In my opinion our offense is as good as it may get and if TD returns to his vezina caliber goaltending this team might be a legit contender with one more legitimate right shot top four Dman. Clearly nobody is available to sign. Is there potentially any trade options out there worth discussing?


I made a proposal yesterday based on a if but in my opinion, a realistic if. I think it's safe to say Calgary will likely implode this year and if they do would they consider making Weegar available? 


I think Weegar with Hughes gives us a very good top four group. Any other thoughts via trade? I mean clearly my suggestion is based on it if but with players potentially rumored to be made available, do we see a top four guy that we could realistically trade for? Not so long ago I would have suggested Parayko but I think his career is likely nearing an end or he will be an overpaid bottom pairing defenseman at this point moving forward. 


So throw your suggestions out there but remember, let's try to keep it to top four guys not bottom pairing guys that we think QH will make better.

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