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McDavid, NHL stars expect Bedard to handle expectations with Blackhawks

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NHL players discuss Backhawks center Bedard



“It’s a really, really hard league,” the Oilers center said last month. “It’s a league full of grown men that have been playing for a long time, and you know what? He’s a really special 18-year-old hockey player, and it’ll take some time."



“I mean, wherever you go, people want to see you,” Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby said. “They want to see you perform. And they're going to be measuring you.”


Filip Forsberg

“I think it’s like anything,” Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg said. “The kid has been dealing with this hype since he was probably 12, 13 years old, so how much does it really change coming to the NHL?. Clearly, it’s the hardest league in the world, so it’s going to be a little bit of a period of getting used to it, but a talent like that, he’s going to be able to handle it.”


Johnny Gaudreau

“I’d tell him try not to get hit too hard,” Gaudreau said. “There are some big boys in this league that can throw the body around pretty well. He needs to keep his head up. But he’ll be fine. He’s done it all his life, just like I did it growing up as a smaller player, playing against bigger players. He knows how to keep his head up and use his speed and skill to his advantage. I think he’s going to have a good year and I wish him the best.”


Charlie McAvoy

“I think you definitely rely a lot on the veteran guys on the team,” Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy said. “That was something that I did early. He’s got ‘Hallsy’ there. He’s got Foligno there. So, two guys that I know well, two guys that are great. They will definitely be able to help him a lot."



“I know for me, the grind of the season really hit me at a lot of parts of my first couple of years and also just how good the goalies were. That was just a huge thing that no one really ever said to me that caught my eye right away. I was like, ‘Whoa, this is a different level.’ There’ll be things that he picks up on that no one can even really tell him, that he finds interesting or is different from what he’s experienced before.”


Auston Matthews

The learning curve is there even for the best of players, and having the right outlook will be key. Auston Matthews got that advice from Pat Maroon during the IIHF worlds in 2016. “He (Pat Maroon) was talking about how there is never a bad day in the NHL, and even in your rookie year -- I mean this is Year Eight for me -- you’re always going to go through ups and downs throughout the season and it’s easy to get down on yourself or maybe just emotionally a little bit out of it sometimes."


Taylor Hall

It’s important for him, when he leaves the rink, to get away from hockey, find something to do to take his mind off it,” Hall said of Bedard. “It’s a long year, and you can’t just think about hockey all the time, especially as you get later on in your career. You have to leave the game at the rink, that way when you come back to it, it feels more fresh in your brain.” 


Jack Eichel

“There’s going to be … I’m sure there’ll be a little bit of growing pains. From what I’ve seen from him, it looks like he’ll step right in and be right at home. But yeah, it’s just a new experience for him. Make sure he enjoys it. He’s playing in the NHL. It’s the best league in the world, and he deserves to make sure he’s enjoying the moment. I know he’ll have tons of success, and I wish him all the best.”


Bedard has a lot of expectations on him this season, either put there by himself or from others. It’s a big step, one that Bedard has been dreaming of taking his whole life, but those who have seen him say he’s ready.


Now the main reason for why im selecting some parts of this article is there is no topic on Bedard on this board, which surprises me. Bedard is considered a future superstar with expectations equivalent to Gretzky, Crosby, Mcdavid. He has made an impression during the pre-season and looks ready to go.


 So, how do u think his season will be? What are ur thoughts on his development? What impact will he have on Chicago as a franchise and as a team? 

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