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ITT we predict which current or former Pittsburgh Penguin management targets next


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Cross-posted from the zombie Canucks site for more active participation and input. 


My money is on Sidney Crosby or Marcus Pettersson. 


Crosby because his deal will be up in a couple seasons, just offer him a Sundin deal and gun for a cup. Who wouldn't want to bring on a top-5 all-time forward? What even is a salary cap? It's not like it impacts the Leafs, just ignore it. With all the Pittsburgh guys we've got he couldn't possibly say no, in the meantime we just need to empty the coffers to acquire more Penguins, this would make him feel right at home. We could start today with Phil Kessel, he's an unsigned UFA. Who wouldn't want to see Phil the Thrill line up alongside the not-D Pettersson? Aqua's would make a mint and jersey sales would go through the roof.


Pettersson because, uh, Pettersson. Duh. He's a UFA in two years and could be paired with our other D Pettersson. 


I eagerly await your input. 

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