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Goalie Rotation for November???


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Looking over the Calendar it looks a little crazy,  Just the way some of the games land.  Between being non-conference, conference and divisional.

I put together a graphic on how I think the games should fall.  It seems like Desmith gets a lot of games, but getting him to play non-conference games is most important.  Just don't want to give away any points to teams in our conference.

I think him to play in Montreal is just plain hilarious.  Seeing as both guys are American's they have no real desire to play either Toronto, or Montreal team for hometown reasons.

What are your thoughts on how it should go?  I think giving DeSmith those Sharks games is good.



goalie rotation.jpg

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There’s really no reason why desmith is getting so many games especially 3 of 4.. it’s not like it’s a busy schedule they are playing 13 games in 30 days not even a game every other night. Demko is like getting 4-5 days of rest after every game or 2 makes 0 sense for a starting goalie. Vancouver is not running a 1a 1b platoon. Starting goalies don’t like extended rest.. desmith will get all the back to back games and maybe the sj game. Demko will get all the 1st of the back to back as it make sense to ice ur best team for the 1st game that you have the highest chance of getting points and winning vs the 2nd game where the chance is lower due to fatigue 

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