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[Proposal] Probably wont break the bank

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C. Perry


I think they would fit right in … and help out a hell of a lot in the playoffs


wouldnt cost too much.. is the element we are lacking at the moment… its a long road to the prize… and I dont want to wear out Miller and Cole if these are the only two throwing their hat in the ring

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Don't want Perry, he's putting up some assists but the man is 38, let him retire. Zadorov on the other-hand, sure.


Not sure what Calgary would want, a defensive prospect? We just drafted a tonne of them who are doing well. Krud would be my guy to send them. We'd have to give Beauvillier to even up cap but surely that's enough, if not, give them a late pick as well. We're surely just going to sign Zad in the off-season but might as well get him on board for a decent season and playoff run.


Hughes - Hronek

Cole - Zadorov

Soucy - Myers

Heck of a defence there

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  • -AJ- changed the title to [Proposal] Probably wont break the bank

Adding Perry would be funny, but he'd legit be a good bottom six piece despite his age. It's not a coincidence that he's been to the finals so many times, he's a useful player even if he's far removed from his prime. Big cap hit makes it unlikely though, but I wouldn't be surprised if a team shows interest closer to the trade deadline.  

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perry likely no....


but im all for making changes, we cant make too many changes so if we are going to make a change the next one is likely a blockbuster...

when we are first place in the league come november, and we have the ability with Myers and garlands cap to go for it...

we have to trade garland first before myers can go.. thats the hard part, Garland is overpaid by a million IMO... Myers might be worth 3 million, but his contract is very easy to move via the Stevie Y cap retention trade.


I will Guarantee that Myers will not be a canuck by the end of the year... the canucks have the ability to be one of the most dominant teams in the past ten years... imagine aquiring players like Wennberg, Wilson,Lindholm,Tarasenko,Scheifele,Kapanen,Marcus Foligno,

and for D i would be targeting Chychrun... a first and a second for chychrun and a third...


we could be huge cup contenders... the Chychrun trade could be made now... and we could likely sign bear too...


we could have 2 first lines and and 2 amazing third lines...


hughes hronek

cole chychrun

soucy bear



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