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  1. I kinda wish that I still disliked the Cowboys. If I still did, I'd enjoy this news. Between the Dak contract, and this one, the Cowboys are in a tight corner. They also owe Parsons over $21M against the cap next year. Jerr-uh better figure something out fast.
  2. Soooo, apparently the Democratic darling, Black Lives Matter, is not happy with the anointing of Kamala Harris as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee... https://blacklivesmatter.com/black-lives-matter-statement-on-kamala-harris-securing-enough-delegates-to-become-democratic-nominee/
  3. I just realized that I forgot to embed the video/tweet in my first post...
  4. She got the job because she was friends with Jill Biden. She lied hoping that she'd get her arse covered for her. When she got excoriated in the hearing by all but 1 representative and even some Democrats started to call for her head, it was over and she knew it. It also didn't help that, if rumours are true, that others in the USSS threatened to resign if she didn't. This was just piss poor planning and incompetence. Nothing more or less. It had nothing to do with needing more agents like some here have suggested. They needed better leaders and better decision makers. Hopefully now they'll get them.
  5. If that first guy ever finds out that I voted for a woman 2 of the last 3 presidential elections (Jill Stein) and am voting for her again in 4 months, he's really really going to want my man card.
  6. No it's not. It's only half of the equation. Congress is split into 2 for a specific reason. Senators look out for statewide interests. That's why the entire state votes on them. Representatives look out for local interests. That's why they are voted on in districts. If you just have senators, the small towns in the state get screwed.
  7. The attempted assassination investigation has gotten worse for the USSS. Newly released body camera footage shows a roof that had ridges that made it perfectly safe. So the now former director was full of crap about it. Someone could have easily and very safely sat up there. Also, the shooter was more prepared technology-wise than the USSS. He had a drone and the USSS didn't. This is just getting more and more embarrassing for both the Secret Service and the country. Trudeau may want to bring some Mounties with him instead of accepting full USSS protection the next time he visits Washington DC. A good 50-50 mix.
  8. He thinks he can dip into people's pockets for another 5k to wrap their trucks in urethane so the steel doesn't corrode in the rain. He's probably correct. It's a sh*tty move by Tesla, but if you pay the 6 figure price tag, you'll likely pay the extra 5k. Unfortunately for some people they didn't have a clue that stainless steel corrodes. Like people who worship Apple and certain political parties, people who worship EV's and Teslas will happily get crapped on and tell you it's raining. https://www.wired.com/story/this-is-why-teslas-stainless-steel-cybertrucks-may-be-rusting/
  9. I like that they are different. I'm just not a fan of pickup trucks in general. My brother loves pickups. And oddly, he likes mini-vans too. He has just the one grown son so it's not even a lug the family around thing.
  10. The problem is that the Founders Edition price is dropping like flies. I hope that person didn't buy it during the first wave or his loan (if he didn't pay cash) is pretty heavily underwater now.
  11. I see you haven't been watching what's happening to the price of the cybertrucks.
  12. It actually benefits the Democrats in those states so I don't know how many here would agree with you. @24K *edit* I just double checked because my brain was screaming at me. In 2020, Biden took the advantage in one and Trump in the other. If the electoral college favoured Kamala Harris, most everyone here would love that it exists.
  13. It's not a perfect method, but it's the best that we have. The left hates it because it's been biting them on the ass lately instead of the Republicans. A group of people in the most liberal state in the union, California, tried to change the way that they distributed their electoral votes, but it failed to pass. Guess who stopped it... The Democrats.
  14. 2 states actually do divide their electoral votes by district. Maine and Nebraska if memory serves.
  15. I get the need for an electoral college, but yes, it's kind of odd that so few states decide the direction of the country. But hey, we're a Republic. I vote 3rd party on principle, not because I think they'll win anything. Too many blue and red team followers/robots for that to happen right now. If it wasn't for the electoral college, only densely populated states would get resources. Politicians have to care about everyone in every city, big or small, because of the electoral process.
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