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Puckdoku Canucks goalies.


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I made my own puckdoku, for Canucks goalies


Note franchise rules apply, so goalies who played for the North Stars and Whalers count

Every one of these goalies was a starter at some point in their career, or a 1a/1b type starter, but maybe not known for being that in Vancouver.

You'll have to dig deep as most of these squares only have one option, and in the cases where there are multiple options, one of those goalies needs to be placed somewhere else on the board for it to work.


Sorry for the poor paint skills



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4 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

Just to throw a wrench into things, we had a Steve Weeks who played for the Whalers, Rags, Kings, and Isles.


Sean Burke was a Cane/Whaler, Panther, and King.


Yeah Steve was like the Mike Sillinger / Brent Ashton of goalies.  The second coming of Suitcase Smith and was a solid goalie in the running for the best season by a backup we've ever had.  For the first couple decades he was close to the only goalie we ever had with a GAA under 3.00 for the year.  Got votes for the post-season All Star Team from the pros as well...as the backup.  And people forget he came in and won a game for us in the legendary 1989 seven game OT series against Calgary.


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