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Big logo at center ice. Why isn't it the white logo?

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Not a big deal but I am just wondering why they haven't tried this. If our home logo is the white orca, how come it isn't the big logo at center ice? It would make way more sense. I know it's white but if you look at the red wings logo it's also white and red. Why can't it be blue and white. I think it would look way better than a mix of colours the way it is now. Home logo should be at center ice. Also at the red line, why don't they put Canuck logos incorporated into it. I always feel like they miss the mark on the little things. Rogers Arena feels very disjointed at times. Obvious things they could improve and it takes them a long time to figure it out. Seats will make it look better but like I said the little things. They always feel behind the times in a lot of things. They do things but it's way after everyone else has already done them. I think it always has to do with money and not wanting to spend. 




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