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Can we please get a new goal song? I hate the current one.

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Just now, Snoop Hogg said:

Okay. I actually like that song, but I don’t think it works as a goal song.

I would change it to Burning Down The House by Talking Heads.

Ya I don't mind it. It just doesn't really pump you up to celebrate it and yet they keep using it. I am surprised they still haven't found a great DJ. who understands pump up music.

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I see what they tried to do with Simple Minds - like "Gloria" for STL a few years ago. Bringing back the sing-along to make people feel good. I dislike the current song a lot, though.


I want to get charged up right from the lights going down, when the Canucks hit the ice. Whatever that song is, thinking it has to be metal. (e.g.) Metallica, Megadeth, Rammstein, etc.


As for the goal song or game-winning song, possibly an odd choice, but could be fun - either Billy Idol's "Hot in the City" or "Dancing with Myself"



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With the amount of Vancouver bands and artists that exist I think it would be nice to feature more of them at Canucks games.

For a goal song, I think Trooper - Raise a Little Hell could be good (only needs the first ~20 seconds and can kick it off with a siren).


For an entrance song, an instrumental version of Default - Deny could work. Plus it gives us some EA cred. They might even be willing to record a version for the Canucks to use.


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