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Rebranding 'Unofficial Canucks Fan Forum' to something that sticks

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Hey all, 

I feel like this board has potential to be the biggest Canucks forum with the most activity, right now the only established Canucks board is HFBoards.

Instead of having a generic title for this forum, how about something more impactful like Canucks Community Forum?

I am willing to donate to this cause and give the Canucks.community domain name if we want to move forward with this. 

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Canucks Essential? By the fans for the fans? Canucks Essential Community if we want a three letter bit? CEC?

I thought of Canucks Central but it's kinda generic and probably in use.

I do like the idea of establishing a new identity though, we may be from CDC but we don't have to be CDC anymore. We have the opportunity to make a fresh start if we want to it, from how the forum is formatted to how we present as a community.

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fcdc works, but I'd also be in favour of staking claim to CDC. sure, it stood for canucks dot com, but it never referred to the website, just the forums. us. 


re-title the place canucks discussion community, no need to change the domain name, I like that it's just a "." different from the old url. 

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