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Another Rh FO% ace

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Hey guys. Longtime fan resurfacing online to shake up and yadda yadda


Its pretty tough to get excited when you been around the fanbase so long, but here we are 


The acquisitions of zadorov and lindholm are  rounding off an inbalanced team no one had on their radar in the fall nicely.


It looks like all we need now is depth, and depth is is a matter of ability not just personnel.



I would try and offer Jay Beagle a job. 

just to win draws if he is healthy and ready.

He has a higher win % than Malhotra, and hasn't officially retired.

We all saw the effect Manny Malhotra seemed to have had on Maxime Lapierre and Henrik Sedin face off skills during the run.

I think he could be worth league min as an effective cap feather for special teams.

this would add a layer of chaos to the run for other teams knowing that Elias Lindholm isn't the only guy who can get that puck back consistently to Hughes's corner in a blink off the draw.



please add ideas on solid  right hand face off centers that are actually attainable and could slot into the bottom 6  for the cup run this year.


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