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[Proposal] Trader Joe’s big trade, Canucks and Pittsburgh( fantasy)

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Canucks do this trade to go all in this year and the next two. I don’t think this is realistic however, if it was to be done Rutherford‘s connections to the player and Pittsburgh could make this one of the only places it could happen 


Vancouver trades;


Elias Lindholm 4.85 million

Ilya mikheyev 4.7

Jonathan Lekkerimaki

2nd 2024/ 1st 2025


Pittsburgh trades;


Sidney Crosby 8.7 million

Jesse Puljujarvi 800 thousand

Pittsburgh retain a little to make the numbers work


Vancouver does this for more leadership and playoff experience from Crosby don’t really need to explain why. Jesse is there for cap reasons and is fit and may be a fit on the fourth line.

Pittsburgh does this to help Crosby get another Stanley Cup run and get younger as their gm wants. (there’s been some mention on radio and talk shows/pods that Crosby may be willing to move out of Pittsburgh ) I don’t have sources  …Lindholm is a top end centre who can be signed to fill the centre position. I don’t believe this trade will happen, but it would be pretty interesting if it did. I don’t know if it’s fair compensation for Crosby who’s still a top line player, but his age and his time is limited so I believe essentially two firsts and quality players seems like a fair starting place. Rutherford likes making big splashes and bringing in high-quality players. This would fit his mo.

Mikheyev waives to go and play with malkin and both wingers allow Pittsburg to trade Gensel to speed up Pittsburgh’s retool 


I know this is unrealistic, but I’d love to see it. It would all but guarantee a Stanley Cup imo 



daydreams lol


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Haha sorry should say Jim


Crosby is Crosby. Everybody knows he’s a great player but he’s also turning turning 37 in August he has had injuries , age is going to catch up to him. I’m sure they could get some more. I’m sure the Canucks could give some more but he’s not what he once  was and there’s only so many places he’ll go .I look at the Canucks as a place that gives him a realistic chance to win a cup… jack Eichel only got it first and a second and a couple players, yes, I know he had a neck injury at the time but I’d argue Crosby‘s age is just as effective as Eichel’s injury and Vegas is going to get more out of him then Van will Crosby. this wasn’t a serious proposal, Obviously I know it won’t happen, but if Crosby wants to go somewhere van is as good as anywhere especially with the Pittsburgh connections.

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If it wasn’t a a dream proposal, I would offer Pittsburgh Petterson for Crosby because it would give van cost certainty for the next two years, allowing us to sign our defenseman, and possibly Lindholm. It may be a slight overpayment at the moment because Patterson is coming into his prime and Crosby‘s going into his golden years, but if the cups all that matters, Crosby may be the better short term bet, maybe not though that’s why they play the games

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How about we go for a big swing to give us better depth and balance:


TO PIT: Pettersson + Mikheyev + Myers
TO VAN: Marcus Pettersson + Rust + Eller + Smith + 1st 2025


Suter - Miller - Boeser

Smith - Lindholm - Rust

Garland - Blueger - Joshua

Hoglander - Aman - Lafferty


Hughes - Hronek

Pettersson - Cole

Soucy - Zadorov

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