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[GDT] L.A Kings @ Vancouver Canucks Thursday Feb 29th @ 7pm pt/10pm et| The Pacific Division Dominance Edition |

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2 minutes ago, Jaimito said:

LAK a potential first round matchup. 

Still 4 games head to head left in the season.  Have to win the season series.  


This makes these four games potentially the most important of the regular season for us, I think. It's our chance to see exactly how we match up against their style of play, make adjustments, and prepare ourselves to try to absolutely crush them in the first round and start the playoffs hot. Get on that roll early and keep it going.


I am less worried about this aspect if our first round opponent is Nashville or Calgary (though still – you cannot overlook any team). Not that I'm really worried about LA either, but given how recently these games will be at the beginning of the playoffs there is a big opportunity here to nail our preparation.

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LA look very beatable but they'll be primed for the playoffs if they make it and we could easily have to face them, won't be as easy as it should be. We are so looking like a 1st-round exit at this current pace.


Got to win and tidy up all these sloppy mistakes where we're gifting other teams goals. This comes down to coaching and execution right now so a good test for our coaches. Everyone made mistakes in the Pittsburgh game, from Hughes to Hronek to Blueger to Garland and of course Myers and Zadorov and Petey. Everyone's getting sloppy. That's on the coaches to fix.


2-1 Canucks

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Just need a ‘complete compete game’ for a full 60 mins and the game is ours…

what we did in the first period last night we gotta do all game… don’t let LA into it… it’s as simple as that…

come out hard and keep the foot on the accelerator- no floaters - 

bing bang boom…

boom GIF


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Special teams must step up… 

I have a feeling that special teams are gonna decide this game… 


and Petey get your shit together and show the fuck up for once 


whatever is going on in your brain, kick it to the curb and fuck some shit up… we all know what you are capable of doing!!!


Vancouver Canucks Hockey GIF by NHL

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