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smithers joe

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tocchet likes pairs. i'ld like to know peoples ideas, not on who plays with the pairs, but what kind of linemate best completes each line, eg scorer, playmaker, gritty, strong defensive player exc?


kuzmenko... pettersson   .................


miller... boeser   ............


suter... garland    ...........


joshua,,,,blueger    ...............




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1. fast strong defensive player but first line scoring skills even if just average

2. top notch shooter/scorer and gritty, need to be strong to fight for the open ice, Brock and miller are great playmakers

3. you could go a couple ways here depends what the identity of the offensive structure wants to look like... but someone that can grind the boards winning battles and pass well. Garland and Blueger are great at popping goals in, just need to feed them the puck...

4. defensive/gritty 4th line players often have really good tools but lack in certain area's either gritty or defensive would be fine.

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-Skilled grinder (a "Burrows")

-Speedy defense first, two way player (Mik)

-Bigger, gritty board guy with some passing/play making (Podz?)

-chip on shoulder guy with solid defensive play and some (as yet unrealized) offensive upside (might be Studnika if his early camp holds out).

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I'd actually arrange it differently if the lines were up to me:

Kuzmenko - Petey - Boeser (96 and 40 are more flashy and good passers, and Boeser can feed off their dishes for easy goals)
Mikheyev - Miller - Beauvillier (both 65 and 18 are fast enough to keep up with 9, and they can all finish plays off each other while playing a 200-foot game)
Garland - Suter - Podkolzin (Garland can have a big year feeding both his snipers, and Suter/ Podkolzin can be the defensive presence)
(4th line I'm not sure we have him yet, maybe Di Giuseppe or Hoglander, even if he's smaller?)

But if we're keeping 9 and 6 together I'd go with Mikheyev, and Beauvillier with 96 and 40.

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