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[discussion] Comparing our starting lineup to last year’s: part 2 - the second line

Huggy Bear

Comparing our starting lineup to last year’s: part 2 - the second line  

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  1. 1. How will the second line perform compared to last year?

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With practice lines this morning revealing a more realistic starting NHL lineup, how does it compare to last years?


Second line: Same players, 1 big Summer, improved match-up options, and a revised PP


  • PDG continues to be Tocchet’s favourite wall guy, and has had a strong showing in camp and preseason so far. Some fans protest his deployment in the top 6, but last year’s possession numbers support it. As Sat and Riccio pointed out, no player has been able to take this job away from him. At 29, he’s unlikely to improve from last year.


  • Miller performed very well under Tocchet last season, taking key matchups while producing a PPG. He’s strong on face-offs, drives the first PP unit with QH43, and combined for multiple SHG with EP40 on the PK. The off-season acquisition of (2) two-way centers in Suter and Blueger, could free up his line to focus on offence vs. lesser competition.  Will Tocchet take advantage, or run it back?
  • Boeser changed trainers, and has returned looking leaner and slightly faster. After initially seeking a trade, he has since rescinded, and asked to remain a Canuck. After failing to reach his publicly-set goal of 30g, he’s opted not to set a goal in favour of just proving himself to the team, and the fans. Is this the year Brock stays healthy and takes a step forward?  


What are your thoughts? How will this line perform compared to last year?

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Miller's line is going to be the key to success this season. I'm in the camp hoping Boeser achieves his second line potential, but that would still leave the other wing in question. PDG may be a short term solution until Mikheyev is fully healthy. Garland or Beau might fit, but would be better utilized elsewhere in a balanced line up.

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Same answer as I gave for the 1st line, "about the same" until we know who is on the 2nd line.


You've got PDG on the 2nd line.  I think he makes the top 6 only because of his forecheck.  I think that Tocchet isn't a fan of most of the smaller forwards that the Canucks have which is why we see bottom 6 gritty guys like PDG, Joshua and Studnicka getting the ice time that they get.


I think it's a matter of time until the smaller forwards are replaced by Allvin.

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