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The Advertisement Thread

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So, I know why there are advertisements on this site, and I know one of the site rules on the old site is "no advertising/selling" - but since this site isn't carrying forward that rule, and because some of these advertisements are actually quite comical, I figured I'd start a thread here to provide a safe space to discuss some of these ads - whether it be about (dark) humour, efficacy of the ad/product, or even the philosophy behind the product.  Hope the mods agree that this is a topic that is worth of discussion.


To kick this off, I saw one that asserted the following (partial screen cap below):



No, I'm not at that age yet, but why "feel" superhuman when most people at that age seem to already be superhuman?  :hurhur:


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1 minute ago, Goal_thecup said:

Is that the one with the stupid Yellow Truck?  I can't mute that thing fast enough.

I’m not sure about a yellow truck, it’s a series of people having ridiculous mishaps. Ball player gets whacked in the mouth, tree falls on travel trailer, kitchen fire, deer strike on highway… they all sing merrily through it and finish in one great pathetic chorus line marching through the streets. 
I’m learning to keep the remote immediately beside my hand so I can mute fast.

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Oh man. I didn't know there were ads! I had an ad blocker enabled. I'll leave it off for the site because views (to my knowledge) is how they generate money to help keep the site alive.


Having said that, even with it off I don't see any ads anywhere!  Hmm...


Meme Think GIF

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21 minutes ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

@Ribs just a personal comment I thought I'd share with you - the in-between threads and in-between posts advertising gets quite annoying after a while.  🙃


Apologies - Google decided to enable those and they've now been disabled 🙂

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