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A welcome distraction!


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You know, although I've always loved hockey, played it, and like a lot of others, I got addicted to the sport but now it's more than ever and personally I'm more thankful for hockey than ever. 

 Why? Well with the news chalked filled with the world going to hell in a hand basket, i.e. Ukraine war, Middle East powder keg, killing, violence, etc etc. and lots more is depressing more than ever BUT I'm finding solace in my favorite sport that I can read and not find bad news, watching Bedard do his thing, our canucks with some more depth away from (possibly) stepping into Elite status with more work and tweaks done, and maybe next year or the year after making that elusive run to Mr Stanley on top of it all with Willander and D-petey especially it should be a really fun watch and a welcome distraction!! 

 Honestly, with the canucks history of trying the short cut route via a one trick pony show once every 10 years or so since Bure arrives, I never thought we'd ever build a team but here we are heading in that direction! 

No, we're not close "yet" but I'm hoping we get healthy with Mik, Soucy, and Blueger back in the line-up, I'm stoked to see what we can actually do against teams as we get more playing time together as a team and see where it goes.

 I thought about this on Thanksgiving and for the first time, when I thought about things to be thankful for, hockey definitely hit the list this time and for the obvious reasons that I started out with. 

 So here's wishing nothing else crazy happens on the planet anymore than what it is right now but again, more than ever, thank God for HOCKEY!

Go Canucks Go! 



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18 minutes ago, Fred65 said:

Not sure if this is the place for this post ?


But when it comes to music at the game how about a cut and adption of this song





Start at the 2 min mark   😃










Thank god it wasn't;

Maybe a little too close to world issues or possibilities.


Yes I like the small time escape of "THE GAME".

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