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Creating the Ultimate Powerhouse (proposal)

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Flames - A.Beauvillier, Brzustewicz, L.Karlsson, Canucks 2024 1st round pick. 

Canucks - R.Andersson 


Flames are heading in a very opposite direction. They have an aging team and a bunch of Ufas. Here they cash in on Andersson and commit to their rebuild. They get an expiring deal in Beauvillier, which sheds cap for the future and could be used in a separate deal to attain a pick. Get the top point producing dman in the CHL, L. Karlsson who might become a useful bottom 6 guy and a late 1st round pick. 


Although it hurts losing H.Brzustewicz and that 1st, we gain Andersson who is locked in on a very manageable 4.55 per for the next 2 seasons after this. I think this gives us a top 5 defense in the league. In the trade although losing a highly valued asset, we still keep Willander, D-Petey, Podkolzin, Bains, Lekkerimaki, which will be essential for us going forward, with some vets either aging out or not fitting in to the salary structure of the team. 


We then waive Noah Juulsen.


2nd deal. 


Vancouver - Y.Trenin (50% retention)

Nashville - Hirose, 4th round pick 




Detroit - D.Joshua, D.Kilmovich, 4th round pick


Vancouver - M.Rasmussen (50% retention)


These moves give us an upgrade on Joshua in my opinion and a bit more edge/physicality. 




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9 hours ago, Miss Korea said:

This is all because Hronek hasn't scored yet.  People still think Quinn needs a "true" top pairing partner.


Please score one, Filip.  All these proposals will go away if you do.

Quinn - Hronek

Cole - Andersson

Soucy - Myers 

Ex.Friedman and Brisebois


Sounds pretty good to me. 

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