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  1. I think they address the gel stuff ( the head they are using) vs flesh in the vid I posted a few pages back. The one I posted used pigs ears. I just scanned your vid but the one i posted is pretty compelling in that a bullet from an AR would pierce an ear not blow it off.
  2. wow, that is a magic mushroom.
  3. Here you go. He does the tests in the last few mins...look at me posting you tube vids!!!
  4. That makes sense if the bullet is going into the body but dont you think an AR bullet could not just clip the ear as it whizzes by? i've got a few gun nuts and hunters in the fam, maybe I'll see what they think.
  5. Is that the dude that said Trump could live to 200 and that he is 3 inches taller and 50lbs lighter than he looks?
  6. Me either, but i just googled ... an AR-15 round is the diameter of a pencil eraser. I do believe that a few pencil erasers zipped by his head and one clipped him. The way he reacted didnt seem like shattering glass... I suppose there should be a dr or plastic surgeon that will have attended to him that could set the record straight.
  7. Somone even posted a bullet trajectory in this thread. Telepromter glass? wasn't it his right ear that turned away fromt he front of stage? where was this prompter? not saying I dont believe....but saying I dont know what to believe. Seemed real to me but these days I dont trust much.
  8. Wait, is that recent footage? Where did the blood come from?
  9. They're saying he will be back to the WH tomorrow. Edit: yeah, what AW said....
  10. The stock market seems to like Joe's decision.
  11. ...I did say 'to me' Pretty sure I remember pics of your beautiful partner. You are also a lucky man.
  12. Just yesterday our server asked about my wifes great complexion. the server is around the same age, mid 50's, pretty, but has spent most her life in the sun so she's starting the Clint Eastwood a bit. My wife stays out of the sun, doesnt do the make up...her Iranian/ German blood doesnt hurt. Shes a stunner. I think I am going to take her out for lunch today.
  13. My wife never goes to a beauty salon. Never gets her nails done or anything. I cut her hair. She wears very little make up. She is the most beautiful person in the world to me.
  14. You're on to something there. If you rememeber the debate Trump said he was only running because Joe was incapable. Cant see him folding but he did make that point.
  15. I thought he was, so far, just trying to move it to Fox...But it does sound like he wants out. He's scared, and he should be. Edit: just saw your response, were on the same page
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