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[proposal] An alternative (lifestyle) identity for our 2nd Line

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I look at the current Canucks line-up and see the following:


Pettersson-Miller-Boeser (on par with WCE and 2011 Sedins-Burrows in terms of tilting the ice)


Suter-????-Mikheyev (Fans want this line to be able to produce consistent secondary offense to support the Lotto line)


Joshua-Bluegar-Garland (produce consistent secondary offense)


Hoglander-Aman-Lafferty (produce consistent secondary offense)


Although many fans want the Canucks to trade Kuzmenko (or Mikheyev) + picks/prospects to improve our 2nd line (from a scoring perspective), I’ve always maintained that any NEWGUY wouldn’t move the needle in terms of making our 2nd line a dangerous scoring threat since the linemate options would be Kuzmenko (completely lost confidence), Mikheyev, Suter (defensive stalwart bottom 6 player), Hoglander (half decent but bottom 6 calibre player for the most part).   The only solution to this would be to break up the Lotto line (which to me personally, doesn’t make sense).  

However - what if the Canucks still acquired a 2nd line piece, but gave the 2nd line a different identity/role?  So - instead of expecting this 2nd line to produce consistent offense to complement the Lotto line (which our bottom 6 does anyways), what is the new role and new identity of this second line was to be a premier shut down line…..that could produce offense on occasion.  





The way I see it, Suter and Mikheyev


1) Are both exceptional defensive players….probably amongst the best in the league.  

2) Could probably produce a little bit of consistent offense (even with a primary defensive/shut down focus) if they had a good defensive minded center (with an offensive element) playing alongside them.  

So, with this identity, the dynamics of our forward group changes a bit:


Pettersson-Miller-Boeser (Lotto line - dangerous as fuck)


Suter-[JennerLindholmCouture]-Mikheyev (Shut down line - allows other lines an opportunity for more offensive deployment….can still produce a little bit of offense despite offense not being this lines primary focus).


Joshua-Bluegar-Garland (dominates other 3rd lines - produces offense)


Hoglander-Aman-Lafferty (dominates other 4th lines - produces offense)



My suggestion for the deadline:


1.  Find a way to move Kuzmenko+ to Columbus for Boone Jenner (the plus involving picks/prospects)


2. Find a way to move Myers+ for Tanev (the plus involving picks/prospects)



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I agree.  Suter   Lindholm   Mikheyev would be an excellent shutdown line and allow the Lotto Line to be freed up to do the scoring.  


Trade Kuzmenko to Chicago for a 2nd and then trade that 2nd plus our 2024 1st and maybe a B prospect for Lindholm.  Maybe we could even sign him to an extension.  Lindholm is Swedish and would love it here.  Also, he could play as a 3C well into his 30's.  


The only thing is we would literally have 3 Elias's on the team.  That would make Shorthouse lose his shit and maybe retire early...

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The Lotto line hasn't been too good the last few games so I'd be all for splitting them and put Lindholm with Petey and maybe Mikheyev for some grit. Assuming Kuzmenko is part of any deal...


Suter - Miller - Boeser

Pettersson - Lindholm - Mikheyev

Garland - Blueger - Joshua

Lafferty - Aman - Hoglander


In any case, acquiring a top-6 forward who can play wing or center pushes the Blueger line to a 3rd line which is the goal here.

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