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1994 Playoffs... all the Goals In HD and the best recordings of series i found...

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all the Goals in HD all 74...






1994 Rangers series playist all 7 games...





Game 7 quarterFinals vs Flames...




If you have higher quality links please add them and ill add them to the front page...

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Man, my favourite Canucks team of all time.  Pavel Bure.  My favourite player of all time.  I still think that 2 day rest between Game 6 and 7 did us in.  Well, that and the damn reffing in Game 7 giving NYR PP after PP until they had a comfy lead before Linden took over and nearly brought us to OT.  I honestly still don't think I've seen a Canuck player elevate his game the same way Linden did in the playoffs.  When you realize Linden was never a PPG player in the regular season, but then became one in the playoffs is pretty remarkable. 

Btw, I think Lafayette still hears the ping of the crossbar to this day.


Anyways, going to the fan appreciation at BC Place after the run did make up for part of it.  That was a special treat for the fans.  What a time it was to be a Canucks fan.


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i fell in love with the Canucks in the 93-94.
the 94-95 team was great too (i loved when the two Courntall Brothers were reunited). if Jeff Brown would had been healthy in the second round i guess the canucks could have done some damages.  

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