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[proposal] Canucks and Sharks

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To San Jose:

-Tyler Myers (6M)

-Ilya Mikheyev (4.75)

-2025 1st rounder


To Vancouver:

-Logan Couture (8M)

-Jan Rutta (2.75M)


Why the Sharks do this:

-Although Couture is a Sharks legend, getting his 8 million dollar cap hit off the books without retention would be a massive win for the rebuilding Sharks.  

Why the Canucks do this:

-The Canucks are going to need another legit top 6 forward if the Elias Lindholm experiment is going to work.  The problem however, is that acquiring another good top 6 forward will not be easy.  For example, someone like Jake Guentzel will likely cost one of Willander or Lekkerimaki.  Hence - The Canucks acquiring a Top 6 “bloated” contract so that they simultaneously give Lindholm a linemate without giving up too much in the way of picks or prospects.

-Yes, the Canucks having Couture’s contract on the books will likely be awful in a few years, but for the time being, Couture is the exact type of guy that you want in the playoffs.  Come April, Couture’s rust should be long gone.


















That Couture/Lindholm/Suter line would possibly be in the running for best shut down line in the league and should be able to produce decent secondary offense (assuming that Couture works off his rust before April).


Go big or go home?

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Logan Couture has some significant health concerns going forward, and that's not something you want from your highest paid player.  Even with retention (which you are not proposing), it's a major risk.  We have to re-sign Pettersson, Lindholm, Hronek, Zadorov, Blueger, and Joshua.  OEL too.  Without retention, you're adding $3M that we won't have.


Structurally, putting Suter (one of the most reliable defensive centres in the league) on the wing seems like a total waste. 

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This is a desperation trade not a trade a contender makes. 


Cout's doesn't fit our cap structure. Rutta would be a nice add if he were available. 


Maybe Kunin + Rutta for Mikheyev + Friedman + ?


Kunin would be a good fit.  He plays Toccy hockey. Bit overpaid but if we're dumping Mik I'd be cool taking Kunin back. 


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