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(Proposal) Van-TBL

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To Tampa:




2025 3rd


To Van: 





Why Tampa does it: 

Tampa is fighting for a playoff spot but has one of the worst goal differential of any potential playoff team. Mikheyev despite his recent slump would help add some offensive firepower from time to time and would help solidify their defensive game and PK. Their offense has 4 players who score. They need help. Friedman is kind of a throw in. With Stamkos a pending UFA they get a guy who is under contract with the rest of the big guns for next year to add extra help. Added a 3rd to help even out the value.

Why Vancouver does it:

Perbix is very talented and under contract dirt cheap beyond this season. With a bunch of dmen hitting free agency we definitely could use another guaranteed contract. Perbix is under used in Tampa and has been overtaken by a young Darren Raddysh. He is a steal that could become a heist. Motte gets to return to the city where he’s had the most success and fill the pk and defensive void of moving Mikheyev. Sheary has the Rutherford connection and has been abysmal in Tampa but given his past I feel he could bring value to our bottom 6. He is also under contract in case some free agents walk in the offseason. We also add another extra contract for next season while moving out another 1.5 mil.

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