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Meanwhile In Florida...

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11 minutes ago, Sabrefan1 said:

In the latest round of the idiots of Florida, we have 2 Sheriff deputies shooting up an occupied police vehicle after an acorn falls onto it's roof.  My favourite is when the cop does a half-ass ground roll and starts yelling out "I'm hit".


Apparently in Florida, even the acorns are believed to be armed and dangerous and have pretty good aim.  🙄





Hahahaha too funny (luckily no one was hurt). 


Also glad that that guy resigned, he had no business being a police officer 

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The entire video, before and after.  The deputy is so scared that at one point in the video he makes non-sensical vocalizations while crawling and dropping his gun in the road.  Reminds me of that one scene in the movie "Bruce Almighty" where Jim Carey makes Steve Carell make weird noises at a news desk in the movie "Bruce Almighty".



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42 minutes ago, gwarrior said:

That entire video is fucked 6 ways from sunday. And that guy was allowed to carry a gun and get paid for it. 


That ditzy sergeant who also started firing on the sheriff SUV without identifying a target first is almost as bad.  Those bullets don't just magically stop once they go through the window.  It's a miracle that nobody got shot from those 2 indiscriminately unloading their weapons in that residential neighborhood.

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I was reading about a homeless guy wondering around Houston neighborhood and knocking on doors.

At this point it’s unclear what his intentions were but at one of the homes 14 year old kid was alone in the house.


He shot through the door about half dozen times and killed this guy.

For a country so heavily armed, so many folks are scared shitless and any little noise causes them to shoot.

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35 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Clearly Police departments in the US don't put a lot of money into training.


Some departments do a much poorer job than others in training their officers.


Also, veteran cops have been retiring at a record rate in the US.  Even the NYPD needs new recruits badly but can't afford to train them fast enough because of cutting their police budget and moving funding to the illegal immigrants.


The situation is even worse in Chicago.

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