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CDC Puck League

Master Mind

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Welcome to CDC Puck!


A 32-team fantasy league where you GM an NHL franchise. Draft, trade, sign players, and set lineups in your pursuit to winning the Puck Championship


Anaheim Ducks - Snehlevel

Arizona Coyotes - thejazz97

Boston Bruins - Canuck Surfer

Buffalo Sabres - Master Mind

Calgary Flames - BarkovTheCat

Carolina Hurricanes - Stevooo

Chicago Blackhawks - Otis

Colorado Avalanche - Big-Country

Columbus Blue Jackets - Alain Vigneault

Dallas Stars - Peachman32

Detroit Red Wings - Down by the River

Edmonton Oilers - Matthews

Florida Panthers - inane

Los Angeles Kings - Yeahhyoo

Minnesota Wild - Baer.

Montreal Canadiens - Syar

Nashville Predators - theo5789

New Jersey Devils - Azzy

New York Islanders - Nail

New York Rangers - kj29

Ottawa Senators - The Humming Bird

Philadelphia Flyers - Phil The Thrill

Pittsburgh Penguins - Patnat96

San Jose Sharks - pmalina

Seattle Kraken - Bombastik der Teutone

St. Louis Blues - junkman514

Tampa Bay Lightning - Nolan

Toronto Maple Leafs - canuckledraggin

Vancouver Canucks - Arigold

Vegas Golden Knights - wallstreetamigo

Washington Capitals - AJay

Winnipeg Jets - Art Vandelay

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League Rules:




- Points are tracked on Fantrax


- League communications take place on Discord




Roster Requirements

- 23 Players under contract required on all team rosters at all times.

- GMs will be required to ice a team of twelve forwards, six defensemen, and one goalie daily. The remaining players will be "benched" for that day.

- GMs will be required to have at least two goalies on the main roster (1 active, 1 reserve) at all times.

- The cutoff time for lineup changes will be one minute before each player’s NHL game that day.

- GMs have the ability to set lineups each day, including "future lineups" in Fantrax. There is a start active button that can be used to quickly set for up to 2 weeks in advance.

- Limit of 50 total players under contract in AHL and NHL combined.

- The NHL Salary Cap for 2023-24 is expected to be $83.5m. The Salary Cap floor for 2023-24 is $62m.

- GMs are required to ice at least 18 NHL regulars, or have their team point total at season's end meet at least half of the top team's point total. This is to curb tanking.



- To place a player on the IR, select the player on Fantrax, and move them to the red 'injured reserve' area.

- Only players with a red flag next to their name are eligible to be placed on the Fantrax IR.

- When a player that has been placed on the IR becomes healthy (no red flag beside name in Fantrax), the GM has two days remove them from the IR.

- If two days have elapsed and the player is still on the IR after he is deemed healthy, lineup changes will be denied until he is activated.



- Skaters are eligible for waivers if they are at least 27 years old, or have played 125 games in the NHL are subject to waivers.

- Goalies are eligible for waivers if they are at least 27 years old, or have played 80 games in the NHL.

- Player waivers eligibility is re-evaluated each game by Fantrax. A player will have a green M icon if he is eligible for the minors.

- If you wish to place a player without the M icon in the minors, PM Azzy stating the player you are waiving, and whether he is to remain in the active lineup or be sent down. If sent down, include the player who will be called up to replace him.

- The waiver will then be posted in the waiver channel. Teams have 48 hours to contact Azzy if they wish to submit a claim.

- The waiver priority order is the reverse order of the standings. If a claimed player is waived within a week of their claiming, the team who originally waived them has first dibs on claiming said player.

- If a player is claimed and then waived again within 24 Hours, the team who originally waived the player may retain them on their minors team without going through waivers provided no other team put in a claim other than the original claiming team.

- A successful waiver claim will put your team at the bottom of the priority list.

Players claimed off waivers after the trade deadline may not play in that season's playoffs for any team except for the team whose roster they were on at the trade deadline.

- If a waiver-eligible player is demoted to their minor league affiliate, and has a contract over $1m, their team will have a cap penalty of the amount over $1m. (e.g. $2m contract demoted to AHL, $1m still on the books.)

Because the GM has the ability to recall these players without contacting a commissioner, you must contact a commissioner to remove the cap penalty.



- Contact Master Mind on discord, sending a screenshot of the other GM's confirmation of the trade.

- Send the text of the trade, so that it can be copy/pasted.

- Lopsided trades, especially involving newer GMs, will be reviewed by the commissioner team. If the trade is deemed to be too unfair, the trade will not be processed. The GMs can then revise the trade to make it more balanced.

- From the trade deadline to the start of free agency, a pending UFA can have his rights traded for at maximum, a 3rd round pick.

- Player demands (term/salary) will likely increase if his rights are traded.

- If you make a trade that results in your roster having too many/few players, indicate who you want called up, or contact Azzy with a waiver request.

- Players cannot be "rented", meaning if you acquire a player for the playoffs, he cannot be sent back to the GM you acquired him from for at least 1 full year.

- Traded players can have up to 50% of the original salary retained. There is no limit to the number of players you retain salary on, or the number of players with retained salary on your roster.

- If you sign and trade a player, there are penalties. The severity it dependent on the quality of player, and how shortly after being signed he is traded. If a player is signed in the offseason, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the trade deadline to move him. Contact a commissioner if you are ever unsure of this. Penalties will result in other players being hesitant to sign with your team -- either demanding a bigger contract or refusing to sign.





Goal: 5

Assist: 4

Game-winning goal: 1

Overtime Goal: 1

Short-handed Point: 1

Block: 1

Hit: 0.5

Fight: 3

Shot on Goal: 0.1



Win: 8

Overtime/Shootout loss: 4

Shut-out: 5

Goal/Assist: 4 Save: 0.1





- Use the link in the Important Links channel to send any UFA contract offers. Keep your DMs professional, informing the agent of your plans for the player both in terms of term and remuneration, and the role the player is expected to be offered on your teams.

- Contracts can be a maximum of 5 years. There are no NTCs/NMCs.

- No UFAs can sign between Trade Deadline Day and 1 July - no matter their league or free agent status.

- Players playing in NCAA can only be signed between 1 July and 30 September, unless they are an existing draft pick of your team.

- A player must have gone undrafted through two entry drafts to be eligible for UFA offers



- The year shown in the contract column is the year his contract expires (i.e. 2024 means he expires at the end of the 2023-24 season).

- From free agency to December 31, teams are permitted to discuss a new contract with two pending UFAs/RFAs.

- From 1 January onward, teams are permitted to discuss terms with any remaining pending UFAs/RFAs.

- Player agents will act in the player's interests, not the team's. The commissioner team votes on contracts, and a consensus is used to evaluate offers. The Agent and GM can negotiate offers.

- Once your team has been eliminated, you can submit offers to sign your drafted unsigned prospects.

- An unsigned player will have a salary of $999,999,999 as a means of preventing the GM from calling him up to the active roster.

- A GM has 2 years to sign a prospect. If the player remains unsigned up to the day before that draft, he is released into the draft. There are no ELC slides. A prospect being signed will have his salary automatically decided based on draft position.



- An offer sheet can be made to any RFA who remains unsigned by his current team.

- If you decide to match an offer sheet made to one of your players, you CAN trade him - and will be hit with a sign-and-trade penalty.

- Compensation for offer sheets:


RFA Compensation Schedule 2023


less than $1.415740m AAV | no compensation

$1.415741m to $2.145061m | one 3rd-round pick

$2.145062m to $4.290125m | one 2nd

$4.290126m to $6.435186m | one 1st and one 3rd

$6.435187m to $8.580250m | one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd

$8.580251m to $10.725314 | two 1sts, one 2nd and one 3rd

$10.725315m or more | four 1sts


Buyouts / Contract Terminations

- If a player on your roster retires or signs overseas, his contract will be terminated at no penalty to the GM if so requested by the GM.

- If you sign a player who is playing overseas, and they stay overseas, you are on the hook for that contract. We shall call this the Kovalchuk Rule. Sign Kovalchuk in summer 2018 to a 3 year, $6m AAV deal only to find he stays in the KHL? That cap hit stays on your books.

- Players must pass through waivers to be eligible for a buyout.

- All buyout cap hits will be for double the term remaining on a contract (ie, 2 years for a 1 year contract, 6 years for a 3 year contract, etc).

- Buyout costs are as follows: If player is under the age of 26 - 1/3 of the salary owed; if the player is 26 or over, 2/3 of the salary owed.


Player Happiness

- If a player is intentionally benched on days he has a game, and/or left in IR/minors for a lengthy period of time, the player can become unhappy as he is not being given a role with the team.

- GMs will be notified. If the player continues to not have a role with the team, he will demand a higher salary to be re-signed, or he will refuse to sign and walk as a free agent.




- Officially beginning in the 2024 draft, players are eligible to be drafted in CDC Puck during their Draft and D+1 seasons before aging out of the draft. If they are playing in their D+2 season, they will need to be signed in the appropriate Free Agency period.

- If a player is drafted by a team, they have two seasons to sign the player. If the player remains unsigned two days before the second entry draft after their draft year, they will be released to go through the draft once more before becoming available to sign as an Unrestricted Free Agent at the beginning of Free Agent Frenzy.

- Entry Level Contracts are automatically determined by draft position. This will go up relatively in line with IRL max contract+bonus total for NHL draftees.

- Skipped picks can be made at any point in time until the same year’s IRL NHL Entry Draft begins. If the pick is not made prior to then, the pick will be added to the end of the same round in the next year’s draft. Players already drafted, even with the picks following the skipped pick, are ineligible to be selected.




- CDC Puck follows the NHL playoff structure.

- The top three teams in the division and top two wildcard teams per conference will qualify for the playoffs. The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded wildcard, and we do a bracket system.

- The playoffs will be decided by the final point total of each team after that round is fully over -- the team with more points at the end of the round wins. Points are then reset at the beginning of each new round.

- Tie breakers will be as follows: 1st, the team with the most Goals+Assists; 2nd, the team with the most goals; 3rd, the higher seeded team.

- There will be no waivers or minimum roster restrictions. Salary cap restrictions do not apply.


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Vegas is looking for an assistant GM. This would be the perfect opportunity for anyone new to the game, who can learn the ropes from an experienced GM with a contending team. Golden Knights roster:




Message me if you are interested in joining or if you have any questions.


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On 9/23/2023 at 7:30 PM, Master Mind said:

Vegas is looking for an assistant GM. This would be the perfect opportunity for anyone new to the game, who can learn the ropes from an experienced GM with a contending team. Golden Knights roster:




Message me if you are interested in joining or if you have any questions.


What’s involved in this?

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Sabres post-deadline roster:


Kaprizov - Point - Rantanen

J.Robertson - J.Hughes - Jarvis

Mittelstadt - McMichael - Stankoven

Martinook - Dewar - Duhaime

Cogliano, Ryan


Hedman - Doughty

Slavin - Bouchard

Lindgren - DeMelo






IR/Minors: Zegras, N.Robertson, Shaw, Beckman, Holtz, Woll

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