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ES*N Post Power Rankings 3 Years In The Future

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I have found sports news getting more and more filtered, sanitized and censored in Canada with some info getting harder to locate as an example Mikheyev's BIO and injury history.


At any rate this ES*N article was not one or two guys sitting in front of a computer screen but a larger group.


It's accuracy will be questioned no doubt.


Some posters can see similar or have been posting this kind of information for years, looking into the future to estimate how today's solid facts can affect tomorrows results.


Here is the thread address, whind, cry, laugh or get angry


This network is not beholding to Rogers or the NHL so maybe just possibly a more honest article without the sales job, or not



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I'd love to know how Minnesota is ranked so high. Don't they have like $25 million in buyout dead cap space for the next 4 years?

But I love how low both the Leafs and Oilers are. Or maybe because they know that both Mathews and McDavid are going to jump ship VERY soon if there is no actual success in their respective cities. 

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I mean seems fair. Our roster ranked 22 is a little lower than we have been producing. 
‘Our prospect pool improved significantly to get to 23rd. 
‘Our cap is always a mess and that hasn’t changed. We keep giving away draft pics to solve cap issues because lack of organizational depth from trading away draft pics to solve cap issues……………..

The article looked like random name generator though. 

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