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Qatar Sprint weekend coming up. I kinda like sprint weekends scattered around the schedule. As long as there is just a few of them. 


Anyway I am the Max Verstappen fan from CDC. I also like McLaren and sometimes Ferrari. 


The title is already decided. Basically the biggest grudge matches on the track these days are between Noris and Piastri. And Russell vs Hamilton. These teams have 2 number one drivers. And it is getting testy between them.

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On 9/29/2023 at 3:33 PM, Sharpshooter said:

Huge F1 fan.  

I hope I can find some folks to discuss all things F1 with. 

It’s probably the greatest sport out there, coming from a die hard hockey fan. 

Let’s discuss! 


Love it!  Bonus points cause my wife likes it too (thanks Netflix!).  


Kinda boring that Max/Red Bull winning all year but the competition for best of the rest is great. 


Merc "figured out" their side pod issues, Ferrari looks to finally have a reliable car and somewhat sound strategy.  McLaren has made excellent progress with their upgrade package and Piastri is the real deal.  


Aston Martin looked so good at the start of the season but they've failed to keep up with the upgrades other teams have made and it's obvious.  Shame, as Fernando looks ageless and in top form.


I'm excited to see the continued effects of the cap as you can already see the field getting more competitive but it's hard to imagine any team giving Max/Red Bull a real challenge for the title anytime soon.


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Huge Sprint win for Piastri today. Glad to see someone else other than Max win something. 

Congrats to Verstappen on his three-peat. 

Man I hope Mercedes turns it around next year. So frustrating to be so close yet so far away. 

At least Hamilton got closer to Perez and M. Benz are still in front of Ferrari. 


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And just like that, Russell and Hamilton are at Rosberg/Hamilton levels of tension. Even though Hamilton defused it a bit by saying it was on him. I think it was a racing incident that was caused by Hamilton starting on softs. So he had some traction on everyone and went for it. 


Russell had an amazing recovery drive



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Ferrari front row lockout? 

Where did that come from? 

Should be a helluva Mexican race tomorrow. 

Hoping Hamilton can jump a car or two even in the run down to Turn 1. 

Mercedes is better in race trim with higher fuel loads than Ferrari. Fingers crossed he can at least podium. 

If I had to bet, I bet Verstappen jumps Sainz into Turn 1 and dispatches Leclerc once DRS is enabled. 

Can’t wait to see what shakes out. 

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6 hours ago, Sharpshooter said:

What a crappy showing for Mercedes. 

Verstappen wins agains. Ho hum. 


God I hate the fact that Redbull is winning so much. 

Kinda wished Norris woulda won the Brazilian GP. 

Next up, Vegas Baby! 



It was one of the better races this season and Norris was "keeping up" with Max.  McLaren looking strong for next season and have one of the best driver pairings on the grid with Piastri looking like the real deal.


What an absolute thriller to finish with Checo finally overtaking Alonso, only to lose the spot to an incredible move by Alonso, and finish with a drag race with Nando edging out Checo by 0.053s.  Wow.


Good to see Aston looking like they were when they started the season and Fernando showing he's still got it. Hopeful they can take another step next season.


Mercedes and Ferrari, TBD.  Gotta feel for Sainz and especially Leclerc with the string of bad luck he's had the past couple seasons.  2 great drivers who need Ferrari to step up their game.


Vegas is going to be fun and the 5 GP's in a row to end the season is awesome.

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4 hours ago, Psylocke said:


Yes! And also win at least one more championship before he retires!! 🤞🙏



One more to surpass the Mighty Schumacher. 

It’s up there with a Canucks Cup. 

I swear this to be true. 

To have Hamilton as the ultimate champion would be everything to me. 


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25 minutes ago, runningback33 said:

Crazy. That’s less testing time, and less setup time. Teams are gonna be pissed. 

They only had a whole bloody year to seal and check the track! 

I was there in August and things were a gong show back then. 



On a lighter note:



We’re not calling it ‘paddock’ because of well, the dude named Paddock, not a good guy. 

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 Formula One fans upset at being forced to the leave the Las Vegas Grand Prix venue early Friday morning before the start of the second practice session filed a class-action lawsuit.

Las Vegas-based Dimopoulos Law Firm and co-counsel JK Legal & Consulting filed the lawsuit against the Las Vegas Grand Prix and its owner, Liberty Media, in Nevada state court seeking at least $30,000 in damages.


More at link

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